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Press Release -- September 8th, 2016
Source: Cisco Systems

Monique Morrow aims to give others identity—and her identity is built on helping others

A look at the groundbreaking and inventive career of Cisco’s engineering CTO.

SEPTEMBER 07, 2016
Monique Morrow is pioneering the idea of the Humanized Internet.

The UN states that a fifth of the world’s population is without a legal identity—and Morrow is seeking to change those statistics through the Humanized Internet and Identity-as-a-Service.

Much like “Software-as-a-Service” or “Platform-as-a-Service” in tech nomenclature, Identity-as-a-Service is the concept of providing a model to host citizens’ identifications. Morrow, Cisco’s CTO of New Frontiers Engineering, has many thoughts on how to create the Humanized Internet—or the ability to empower humans through storing their identity on the Internet. The goal, Morrow says, is to have locations and profiles stored on the Blockchain, where people, refugees, and immigrants will always have an identity.

Morrow emphasizes the need for evidence of an existence. Without that, many are left vulnerable to human trafficking, sexual slavery, and child abuse.

Within the Humanized Internet are five areas of focus; power, purpose, platforms, productivity, and participation. This Blockchain-enabled platform with a digital identity will be enabled with data, privacy, and security.

This people-powered and self-organizing platform will allow online communities to thrive and will also amplify human interaction­­—forums with questions and requests will be open to the community for answers.

With the Humanized Internet, Morrow says, every person will have the human right of identity and to be visible to society.

Morrow’s framework on creating a digital identity was recently accepted by the 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS).

A change agent for women

Human empowerment has always been a priority for Morrow. As CTO of New Frontiers, she is constantly looking for where the world can improve, and how Cisco can play a role in that development.

“What makes me get out of bed every morning is thinking how I could possibly change the world.”

says Morrow
But where she has her eye on the future, Morrow is still grounded in the experiences of her past.

In 1990, the engineer moved to Switzerland to work as a network engineer for a solutions provider company. She recalls adjusting to the language, and to the culture of taking your time to create quality work.

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