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Press Release -- August 3rd, 2016
Source: faction

Enriching Education Through the Cloud

Industries worldwide are embracing the cloud and now the educational sector is one of them. Educators and students alike are utilizing the cloud in ways that promote learning and the sharing of ideas, while administrators are finding an array of cost and time saving benefits, all within a secure and centralized network. At Faction, we believe that with greater network agility comes a better learning experience. Faction’s virtual environment acts as a secure, highly available and high performing platform for education applications, creating a connected classroom that enables student growth and learning well into the future.

So, how exactly does the cloud enrich education? Faction breaks it down:

The cloud allows for a centralized management of resources, which leads to greater efficiency from an administrative standpoint. On top of that, the centralizing of key resources has been linked to higher student engagement, increased collaboration among both students and educators and improved student performance. cloud-computing-education.jpg

With the cloud, schools and universities are also able to cut physical network infrastructure costs. Because of this, there is no longer a need to maintain servers and machines. Fewer on-premises infrastructure ultimately means time saving and cost cutting, not to mention increased agility for the IT staff.

Like other verticals, the education industry is seeing a major demand for mobile cloud-based education applications. Academic applications are being used in and outside of the classroom to enhance student engagement. As many students rely heavily on their mobile devices, organizational and productivity tools assist in balancing personal and academic lives. What’s more, mobile devices equal mobile learning and “self-driven learning.” These concepts, while new, are catching on across schools as the next generation of educating.

The cloud also enables relevant learning. Relevance is key, both for student engagement and educators’ creativity stimulation. With help from the cloud, students can now view their textbooks on their mobile devices or via the Internet. What’s more, educators can establish more up-to-date lesson plans, keeping current news cycles, studies and trends in mind.

Finally, the cloud enables storage and database security. Effortless storing of student data, records and information is a key component of the cloud. With that also comes the multitude of security benefits. Simply put, the cloud ensures the security of all systems, thereby reducing hacking incidents while still increasing accessibility.  The clouds supports databases of millions of threat signatures, which creates a more

comprehensive threat detection protocol. Also, cloud-based systems allow educators to securely login from anywhere, without disrupting the network or inadvertently tampering with security.

At Faction, we believe in giving educational institutions the highest degree of control and access to their virtual environments, with exceptional performance and broad customization. The Faction Cloud Bloc simplifies the customization process even further by allowing customers to build their cloud components from top to bottom. Plus, each Faction core bundle you deploy can be customized with additional compute, storage and IOPs, plus solutions for private cloud and disaster recovery.

Want more insight into Faction’s cloud? Check out our “Get to Know Your Faction Cloud Node” blog series. For more information on Faction and the services we offer, please visit

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