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Press Release -- April 4th, 2016
Source: Cisco Systems

The new era of digital recruiting

A look at new and creative recruiting platforms.

In the new era of digital recruiting, technology is allowing companies and job seekers to search for and source the most well-suited employees and employers based solely on performance and passion.Today, the world of recruiting is close to going 100% digital. Beyond conducting video interviews and accessing data on social profiles, businesses can now use platforms built exclusively to level the playing field and wrangle top-notch talent. Taking LinkedIn and online job applications a few steps further, new sites and software services are expanding reach and removing barriers to entry, and they’re getting creative about it. The days of simply posting a job description and asking interested candidates to fill out applications are dwindling. In the new era of digital recruiting, technology is allowing companies and job seekers to search for and source the most well-suited employees and employers based solely on performance and passion.

Challenge-based recruiting

The service 1-Page allows companies to grow their talent pipeline through challenge-based recruiting. Job seekers pitch their skill set in the form of a 1-Page job proposal for companies to value their talent and work ethic beyond resumes. Joanna Riley, 1-Page CEO, says the premise of the services is based on the fact that she doesn’t believe in putting people into boxes predicated on where they’ve been. Over 60% of 1-Page users have gotten jobs or interviews within two weeks.

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“We believe we can’t evaluate candidates on their past,” shares Riley. “Instead we let candidates tell their story in a different way. If they’re able to solve a challenge that certain companies are having, they’re able to be a front runner for the job. Candidates compete to solve challenges to get hired, versus a company looking at someone’s background and saying, ‘You didn’t go to Harvard. You didn’t go to Stanford…sorry.’”

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Using the 1-Page platform, an entire organization is able to source proposals internally on how to fix inefficiencies and create new innovations. 1-Page’s proposal writing tool, page format, and patented algorithms are used to support employee engagement and access solutions.

The perks of going anonymous

Outside of a job candidate’s abilities, a person’s online data can enhance or hinder their odds of being hired. Based on someone’s digital footprint, including the conferences and meet-ups he or she attends, as well as personal and public blogs and social media accounts, companies are able to judge whether or not that individual will fit in professionally and culturally.

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The website Woo is tackling the competitive tech recruiting landscape by putting the power in the hands of the people. Using Woo, tech professionals are able to create profiles highlighting their criteria for a position and employment. Sounds pretty straightforward. What makes the service unique is that the profiles are anonymous. Users can import information from platforms such as LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and GitHub. Meanwhile, recruiters are only able to see a profile if it’s a match according to the candidate’s criteria.

While companies using 1-Page range from tech to lifestyle to media, Riley says having technology skills today is crucial.

“You will have to have some form of technology skill for you to survive the next 10 to 15 years,” she says.

If services like 1-Page and Woo are any indication, technology itself is laying the foundation for companies and job candidates to determine how they can promote the survival of the fittest.


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