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Press Release -- April 21st, 2016
Source: AT&T

Learn about AT&T’s Cloud Journey with OpenStack Next Week in Austin

Open source software is at the heart of our network transformation, and the OpenStack platform is one of the key open source tools we’re using to build this cloud-based network. At the OpenStack Summit in Austin next week, several of our key folks at AT&T who are managing our OpenStack initiative will explain what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

Senior vice president of software development and engineering Sorabh Saxena will kick things off with a keynote address on Monday about the OpenStack-powered AT&T Integrated Cloud, and he’ll have a blog post here soon to further explain our overall vision. We also have many other experts speaking at the Summit, as well, and if you’re going to be at the show, you’re invited to come to any of our sessions and hear from some of the top experts in this growing field. You can check out our speaker schedule below. You might want to hear from us, and we definitely want to hear from you. The cloud developer community is critical to the future of the entire connectivity industry, and we look forward to seeing you at the show.


9:35-9:50am                       Sorabh Saxena

AT&T’s Cloud Journey with OpenStack

2:15-2:25pm                       Alan Meadows, Craig Anderson

Scaling OpenStack with a Shared-Nothing Architecture


11:15-11:55am                   Amit Tank, Greg Stiegler, Ryan Van Wyk, Andrew Leasck, Rodolfo Pacheco

AT&T’s OpenStack Journey: Driving Enterprise workloads using OpenStack as the Unified Control Plane

12:05-12:45pm                  Jacob Caspi

Open Stack at Carrier Scale

2:00-2:10pm                       Kayla Fromme, Darla Ahlert

Upstream OpenStack: AT&T’s New World


9:00-9:40am                       Tobias Ford

Telco Cloud Requirements: What VNF’s are Asking For

9:50-10:30am                     Margaret Chiosi

Among the Cloud: Open Source NFV + SDN Deployment

9:50-10:30am                     Bin Hu

Service Function Chaining – Technology Analysis and Perspective

11:00-11:40am                   Margaret Chiosi

Gluon: An Enabler for NFV

1:50-2:30pm                       Joe D’Andrea, Kaustabh Joshi

Valet: Holistic Data Center Optimization for OpenStack

5:20-6:00pm                       Lee Riviere, Mike Wilson, Alan Meadows

Deploying Lots of Teeny Tiny Telco Clouds

5:20-6:00pm                       Margaret Chiosi

Open Source NFV: Lessons Learned from End Users

6:00-8:00pm                       Munish Mehan

How Fuel and the Contrail plugin drive a parameterized deployment model for allocating different subsets of compute nodes to different Contrail features like DPDK (Must register separately, OpenContrail User Group Meeting)


11:00-11:40am                   Bin Hu

Using a Service VM as an IPv6 vRouter

2:20-3:00pm                       Amit Tank, Toby Ford

Striving for a High-Performance NFV Grid on Openstack. Why You, and Every Openstack Community Member Should Be Excited About It. 

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