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Press Release -- February 5th, 2016
Source: serro

Serro Automated Service Manager (AuSM™) SDN Powers Nexusguard’s Automated Intelligence DDoS Mitigation Service

With automated route engineering and traffic optimization capabilities, Serro’s AuSM SDN framework helps businesses overcome challenges associated with large-scale DDoS attacks

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Serro Solutions, trusted advisor and leading technology services firm to the world’s largest enterprise and e-commerce organizations, announced today that Nexusguard, the global leader in distributed denial of service (DDoS) security solutions, is using Serro’s proprietary AuSM Software-Defined Networking (SDN) framework to power Nexusguard AI, the industry’s first DDoS mitigation solution with automated route engineering.

SDN is a disruptive technology that makes networks programmable. In turn, networks are more flexible and scalable and can be more efficient and easily managed and optimized via automation.  However, the vast ecosystem of available tools presents an integration challenge and often prevents businesses from realizing the full value of SDN.   Serro’s AuSM SDN is a proprietary framework with an API to connect to various tools, integrating into one platform and allowing business policies to be written and managed across the WAN, data center network and storage systems.

Nexusguard is using AuSM to power its Nexusguard AI, which helps manage large scale DDoS attacks by automating route engineering to optimize traffic through Nexusguard’s network of service providers. This automation eliminates manual traffic handling—a particularly difficult task given DDoS traffic is usually large, sudden and extremely unpredictable. Effective traffic management depends on a real time pulse of their vast web of ISP peers, scrubbing center capacities, understanding the attack types and balancing that against the customer’s application profile. This automated intelligence allows Nexusguard’s security operations (SOC) center to more quickly and dynamically manage traffic and avoid upstream network traffic bottlenecks that can lead to outages, even when handling a barrage of concurrent attacks.  Hope Frank, CMO of Nexusguard says: “The SD WAN implementation by Serro strengthens our mitigation capabilities across all our suite of services, and elevates our core commitment and service to our global customers.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Nexusguard on the AuSM implementation, the first we have done in the context of DDoS security,” said Ed Lombera, VP of Engineering, Serro Solutions. “There is huge complexity on how traffic moves in and out of a service like Nexusguard.  Until now, the only way to effectively absorb and mitigate large DDoS attacks is to overbuy capacity or pay overcharges, which can run hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Our AuSM SDN solution—which can pay for itself in the first year by reducing extra capacity and overcharges— helps manage existing network resources , make network decisions from the flood of data and produces intelligent actionable information to bolster Nexusguard’s core service, DDoS mitigation.

Serro’s AuSM enables customers to quickly adopt and merge various open source and commoditized technology to deploy a software defined business.  AuSM SDN allows management and optimizing of existing resources by defining rules and policies to increase efficiencies in multiple dimensions. The flexible and modular framework allows various software and open source technologies with a hardware agnostic approach to work together as one in a single cohesive implementation.  For more information about Serro’s AuSM, please visit or call 1-800-430-7321.

About Serro Solutions

At Serro, we leverage our technological excellence to meet our clients’ business goals. We specialize in deploying comprehensive and leading technology solutions that exceed current service requirements and seamlessly scale to meet future needs. Headquartered in San Francisco, we provide cutting-edge solutions across different industry verticals, from start-ups to established industries such as financials, healthcare, transportation and many others. For more information, please visit , email us at or call 1-800-430-7321.

About Nexusguard

Founded in 2008, Nexusguard is the global leader in fighting malicious Internet attacks. Nexusguard protects clients against a multitude of threats, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, to ensure uninterrupted Internet service. Nexusguard provides comprehensive, highly customized solutions for customers of all sizes, across a range of industries, and also enables turnkey anti-DDoS solutions for service providers. Nexusguard delivers on its promise to maximize peace of mind by minimizing threats and improving uptime. Headquartered in San Francisco, Nexusguard’s network of security experts extends globally. Visit for more information.

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