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Press Release -- November 17th, 2015
Source: veryx, webnms

Omnitron Systems, Veryx and WebNMS Showcase Lifecycle Service Orchestration of SDN Data Center and CE 2.0 Networks

At MEF GEN15, Solutions Deliver Prerequisites for Service Providers to Launch Agile, Assured Services

  • Elastic service creation and delivery
  • Automated service turn-up testing and active performance monitoring
  • Dynamic bandwidth on-demand
  • OpenMUL-based software abstraction of network control plane and data forwarding plane
  • Cloud-based, self-service customer portal

DALLAS — November 17, 2015 — Omnitron Systems, Veryx Technologies and WebNMS are showcasing Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) on a live network as a Proof of Concept demonstration at the MEF GEN15 event in Dallas. The three companies have collaborated to show on-demand service across a Carrier Ethernet 2.0 network and a data center software defined network (SDN). The PRISM OpenStack SDN controller from KulCloud is used to control the data center network in the demonstration.

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The focal point of the MEF GEN15 event, the Proof of Concept Showcase, held November 17-18, lets conference attendees witness, first-hand, new technology innovations to help improve end-user network services and service provider operations. “The Proof of Concept Showcase will feature service and technology innovations that deliver on the MEF’s Third Network and LSO visions in relation to CE 2.0, SDN and NFV,” said Nan Chen, president of MEF. “We are pleased to see industry leaders such as Omnitron, Veryx and WebNMS collaborating to support the MEF vision through the evolution and innovation of their PoC. GEN15 visitors will be able to see directly the business benefits of agile, assured and orchestrated Carrier Ethernet services and ecosystem collaboration.”

On a live, multi-vendor network, the partners highlight the benefits of orchestration for elastic delivery of SLA-assured cloud services. The network consists of an OpenStack SDN-based data center network and a Carrier Ethernet 2.0 WAN network involving 10G and 1G protected fiber rings. Service Activation Testing and Performance Monitoring are performed for the Layer 3 data center network and the Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet WAN, using physical and virtual test probes placed at strategic locations to provide comprehensive end-to-end visibility and control. The network accepts dynamic service requests from end users through a cloud-based, self-service customer portal and then automates the provisioning, remote activation testing and monitoring of the on-demand service in real time.

Omnitron’s iConverter® Carrier Ethernet 2.0 XM5 and GM4 Network Interface Devices provide the ring, access, aggregation and demarcation infrastructure hardware for this Proof of Concept. Omnitron’s aggregation and NID devices create the dynamic, on-demand services and activation, and provide fault management and recovery across the orchestrated WAN.

The Veryx SAMTEST Service Assurance solution consists of physical and virtual test probes, deployed at strategic locations, performing service activation testing and active performance monitoring of both the Layer 2 CE 2.0 network and Layer 3 data center network. SAMTEST integrates with northbound orchestration systems to validate and monitor dynamic bandwidth changes triggered by customer requests received through the customer portal.

The WebNMS Symphony Orchestration Platform controls the multi-vendor, multi-layered network, providing service agility through the automated creation, provisioning and activation testing of the end-to-end, elastic EVC services. It also extends these Layer 2 WAN services through an OpenStack cloud by chaining them through a Layer 3 SDN network, controlled by the KulCloud SDN Controller. The WebNMS SLA Customer Portal acts as an end-user portal accessible via Web interface or a mobile app. It uses RESTful APIs to dynamically provision services, changes service bandwidth, initiates throughput tests and delivers continuous performance monitoring and SLA reports while monitoring fault updates.

In this Proof of Concept, Omnitron, Veryx and WebNMS show how MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration of well-defined CE 2.0 services can seamlessly integrate with data center SDN services to deliver cloud-based services with assured performance.

End users benefit from the elastic, assured services and continuous insight into their performance through a convenient easy-to-use portal. Service providers benefit from the orchestration of existing services that improves their operational efficiency by automating the manual labor of processing service requests, provisioning a complex end-to-end network and assuring performance for their end users. While improving the service fulfillment experience, providers can now increase customer satisfaction and retention and prepare to introduce new revenue-generating services, including those based on SDN and NFV.

Representatives from all three partners will be at the Proof of Concept Showcase. Each partner also has an exhibit floor booth, providing more details on their respective products: Omnitron, Booth 809; Veryx, Booth 718; and WebNMS, Booth 217.

For more information about Omnitron, please visit; for Veryx Technologies, visit; and for WebNMS,

About Omnitron Systems

Omnitron Systems is a leading innovator and manufacturer of MEF-certified CE 2.0 10G and 1G aggregation and demarcation devices as well as Optical and TDM Multiplexers for business, mobile backhaul, Wi-Fi and small cell services. Omnitron’s products are deployed by MSOs and Telecoms worldwide. For more information about Omnitron, please visit , contact by email at or by phone at (800) 675-6410 or +1 (949) 250-6510.


About Veryx

Veryx Technologies provides innovative testing, automation and monitoring solutions for network service providers, cloud service providers, data centers, Enterprise IT and network equipment vendors. Leading service providers and equipment vendors rely on Veryx solutions for network testing, performance monitoring and equipment testing applications for technologies such as Carrier Ethernet, IP, Cloud, SDN, NFV and Smart Networks. Visit, contact by email or by phone at +1 (508-987-2210).


About WebNMS

WebNMS, the service provider software division of Zoho Corporation, specializes in solutions for multi-vendor network management, service orchestration andIoT/M2M applications. WebNMS markets these solutions as flexible, extensible platforms to network service providers, managed service providers and network equipment vendors. For example, with more than 25,000 deployments across the globe, their flagship WebNMS Framework is the world’s first choice for scalable and reliable multi-vendor management. For more information about WebNMS, please visit, contact by email at or by phone at +1 (925) 924-9500.


WebNMS is a trademark of Zoho Corporation. iConverter is a registered trademark of Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc., and SAMTEST is a trademark of Veryx Technologies Inc. All other brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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