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Press Release -- July 16th, 2015
Source: hilco-streambank

Secondary Marketplace for IPv4 Addresses Gains Momentum as ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) Indicates Pool of IPv4 Addresses is Close to Depletion

Industry leader – Hilco Streambank has immediate IPv4 inventory available.

North America’s source for IP addresses, The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) recently announced that their pool of the most widely used version of IP addresses (IPv4 addresses) is extremely close to exhaustion. The newer version of IP addresses (internet protocol version 6, or IPv6) is still available from ARIN, however there will be a transition period during which the use of both protocols is necessary for the internet to continue functioning. Until deployment of IPv6 addresses reaches a critical mass, demand for IPv4 addresses will remain. With the exhaustion of ARIN’s supply of IPv4 addresses imminent, continued demand for IPv4 addresses will have to be satisfied on the recently emerged secondary market.

The requirement to purchase IPv4 addresses on the secondary market adds a new cost for ISPs, telcos, hosting companies and other network operators. Predicting and preparing for these additional costs can be quite difficult for these companies, because (1) there is limited transparency in pricing in the current IPv4 market, and (2) transfer of IPv4 address registration is regulated by continually changing policies in place at the regional internet registries.

Hilco Streambank (, the market leader in the IPv4 transaction space, has created several solutions for organizations looking to participate in the market. Leading the way in creating a more transparent IPv4 market, Hilco Streambank publishes the sale prices of all sales occurring on their online auction platform,  Hilco Streambank is also an expert in successfully arranging large private transactions that meet the needs of the parties while complying with regional internet registry policies.

Online Auctions For companies looking to purchase or sell small IP address blocks, the online platform provides an efficient and transparent solution for transfers within the ARIN region as well as in the RIPE (Europe) and APNIC (Asia Pacific) regions. The online platform has been operational since 2014 and has become an effective tool for those looking to sell or buy IP addresses ranging from /17 IPv4 blocks (containing 32,768 addresses) to /24 IPv4 blocks (containing 256 addresses). Completed sales are displayed on the website as an information resource for the community.

Private Transactions:  For acquisitions of larger blocks of IP Addresses (/16 blocks containing 65,536 addresses to /8 blocks containing 16,777,216 addresses), Hilco Streambank offers a full scale brokerage service, facilitating transactions from negotiation through closing. Hilco Streambank is a registered facilitator/broker with the IP address registries in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions and has completed many of the largest transactions of IPv4 space to date, most of which have occurred in the last 12 months as it became clear that demand would outlast the free pools administered within each region.

Hilco Streambank abides by strict confidentiality regulations in order to protect the privacy of their clients. Hilco Streambank currently represents multiple large blocks of space, including space from Legacy Class A block holders.


Amy Potter– VP of Hilco Streambank said:  “Many of our customers are trying to ensure availability for themselves as they simultaneously deploy IPv6”. Potter continued:  “These are companies with a large installed base of customers, who are often growing at a very significant pace, and for whom IPv4 capacity is a critical business issue.  For some of our customers IPv4 is not a substitute for IPv6 but rather a complement.”  Hilco Streambank operates both their online property – and their private brokerage services in order to assist companies in the preservation of an essential component required for continued operation of their business.

Potter said: “As of the last several years multiple mainstream mediums have broadcast the IPv4 shortage and have made multiple predictions on the timing of the run out. Several large corporations who operate their own datacenters, ISP’s as well as other online services requiring IPv4 have anticipated the issue and have been ensuring that their needs are met in preparation for the imminent exhaustion.”

Hilco Streambank predicts that many companies who are currently receiving IPv4 addresses as part of bundled services will begin to see price increases from their upstream providers.  As a result, the firm anticipates greater demand for IPv4 space, and in the absence of new supply, very likely price increases. Companies looking to connect directly with Hilco Streambank may contact them by phone or through their website

Quick and easy registration is available for those looking to buy or sell smaller amounts of space through

About Hilco Streambank:  Hilco Streambank is a market leading advisory firm specializing in intellectual property disposition and valuation. Over the last three years Hilco Streambank has become a leader in the IP valuation and disposition market, representing brands across various industries. Having completed numerous transactions including sales in publicly reported Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, private transactions, and online sales through and, Hilco Streambank has established itself as the premier intermediary in the consumer brand, internet and telecom communities. Hilco Streambank is part of Northbrook, Illinois based Hilco Global (, a worldwide financial services company and leader in helping companies maximize the value of their assets.


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