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Press Release -- June 30th, 2015
Source: Birch Communications

Cloud-Based Phone Service Adoption on the Rise

Sales of Birch’s TotalCloud® PBX Have Increased by 70% in 2015

Atlanta – June 29, 2015 – Birch Communications, Inc., (“Birch”) a leading technology service provider of IP-based communications, broadband, cloud and IT-services to small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses, announced today that its TotalCloud PBX sales have increased by greater than 70% thus far in 2015 compared to 2014, which demonstrates that customers are increasingly favoring cloud-based phone services over premise-based phone systems.  According to a 2014 Synergy Research Group Study, cloud-based phone services now account for 8% of all business voice services thanks to an annual growth rate of almost 30%, while premise-based PBX sales have seen a steady decline.

Businesses of all sizes need to deliver voice solutions that help increase efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately help them maintain a competitive edge in this fiercely competitive economy.  Fortunately, Birch’s TotalCloud PBX cloud-based phone system delivers on all of these concerns and objectives and can easily be scaled to a business’s individual needs.  With Birch’s TotalCloud PBX, businesses benefit from a cloud-based, enterprise-class phone service that meets all of their communications needs and can expand as their business grows, all without the expense of purchasing equipment or with hidden management costs.

Birch’s TotalCloud PBX is designed specifically for businesses that want to leverage an advanced phone system that delivers affordable, high-quality, premium voice features that benefit the business and its customers. “Today’s businesses have choices when it comes to upgrading their phone systems. They can spend a lot of money, time and internal resources trying to upgrade their existing premise-based phone system, but those updates are expensive and quickly become out-of-date.  Birch is able to provide its feature-richTotalCloud PBX product as an answer to the need for a quality product, great value and which also evolves over time offering brand new features and applications without the customer having to replace equipment,” said Mark Harris, Sr. Product Manager at Birch.

The key advantages of using Birch’s TotalCloud PBX include:

Low Startup Costs – Birch’s TotalCloud PBX is managed via the cloud with no costly hardware to purchase, thus eliminating the burden of making large upfront investments.  Birch also recently announced its “bring your own device” program for those customers who may already have their own IP phones.

Low Operating Expenses – Birch’s TotalCloud PBX is a cost-effective technology solution that delivers a predictable low monthly charge.

Flexible and Scalable – Birch’s TotalCloud PBX can also be expanded in the future by any number of users, or any number of locations, on demand, all at a low cost per seat. Businesses can purchase Birch’s TotalCloud PBX as a standalone service or bundled with business-class broadband access with speeds up to 1Gbps.  Birch also offers metered and unlimited plans, allowing businesses to tailor the solution to their unique needs.

Mobile Connectivity – Birch recently announced a significant upgrade to its TotalCloud PBX Communicator Application.  The Communicator App allows customers to access all of the premium features of TotalCloud PBX on their mobile phone, giving them the same business identity while working remotely.  In addition, Birch can provide mobile phone service and handsets as part of an overall bundled solution.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – TotalCloud PBX keeps businesses accessible even if there’s a fire, flood, theft or other disaster and it goes beyond basic functionality so no call is missed.

Secure and Reliable – Security and reliability are important factors to consider when selecting a Cloud-based phone system. Birch has industry-leading equipment and software partners including Broadsoft, Cisco and Polycom. In addition, Birch offers 24/7 monitoring with its TotalCloud PBX service, enabling customers to focus on their business instead of their phone system.

To learn more about Birch’s entire suite of Cloud and network communication services, including TotalCloud PBX, visit

About Birch Communications

Birch Communications, Inc. is a leading technology service provider of IP-based communications, broadband, cloud and IT services to small, mid-sized, enterprise and wholesale businesses. Our services comprise voice, network, cloud and IT services in all 50 U.S. states, Washington DC, Canada and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit

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