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Press Release -- May 27th, 2015
Source: Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Traffic Steering Manager effectively increases network capacity by 10%

Industry’s first all-inclusive solution to automatically direct traffic to the most effective radio network layer dependingon the operator’s business strategy
Provides significant efficiency increase in traffic steering operations through automation
Espoo, Finland – 27 May 2015

Nokia Networks has solved the complexities of coordinating the dozens of load balancing and traffic steering features available in multi-technology, multi-layered and multi-vendor mobile broadband networks. The purpose of these features is to avoid network congestion by distributing the traffic across different radio network layers. The Nokia Traffic Steering Manager is the first all-inclusive solution to automatically direct traffic to the most effective radio network layer. This ensures more efficient use of existing infrastructure, that is, an operator can effectively increase the capacity in the network by 10%. The Traffic Steering Manager provides an easy, automated way of managing the multitude of load balancing features available in the networks today reducing related operational effort significantly, up to 70 %.

The Traffic Steering Manager ensures that the traffic is distributed across the radio network layers and it can, for example, boost LTE layer usage automatically when deployed in the network. Traffic can be steered onto the best radio network layer according to network conditions and other criteria, e.g. device type. For example, an operator with a good mobile broadband reputation could ensure that users with advanced smartphones benefit from cutting-edge network functionalities that requires certain device capabilities.

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Network-wide traffic orchestration
Nokia’s Traffic Steering Manager is a network-wide system that combines all radio technologies (2G, 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi; macro and small cells) as well as the core network to dynamically orchestrate the network capacity utilization. If the capacity limits are reached, value-based traffic steering, enabled by the Traffic Steering Manager, is vital to ensure the network is used according to business priorities.

Nokia Traffic Steering Manager explained in brief
Centralized solution coordinates a multitude of load balancing and traffic steering functionality in radio networks to use all the capacity available in multi-technology, multi-layer and multi-vendor heterogeneous networks (HetNets)
Traffic is steered according to network conditions. Also other criteria like device capabilities and customer service level agreements (SLA) can be taken into account when planning efficient service delivery and network utilization
On a typical mid-sized network with 32,000 3G and LTE cells, an operator can improve network efficiency, worth two million euros per annum
Peter Patomella, Vice President, CEM and OSS Business Line at Nokia Networks, said: “Operators expect extreme efficiency from their networks and easier ways to manage them for better business results. Traffic Steering Manager gives operators a way to utilize their network capacity more efficiently and at the same time utilize it exactly the way it best supports their business and strategy. Improved business results may be achieved, for example, through ensuring high value enterprise customers SLA requirements are met automatically.”

Did you know?
Currently operators have up to eight overlapping radio network layers in use
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