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Press Release -- May 7th, 2015
Source: Huawei

Huawei Releases Industry’s First Hexa-band Miniature Antenna on 700/850-900MHz for Asia Pacific

[Bali, Indonesia, May 7, 2015] Huawei held its Antenna & AAU (Active Antenna Unit) Summit for Asia Pacific regional carriers in Bali. The event was attended by major carriers, government officials and industry analysts in the region. At the summit, Huawei released its newest hexa-band antenna on 700/850-900MHz. This antenna supports easy deployment, higher capacity, better performance, faster capacity expansion towards future evolution and other features, allowing carriers to rapidly deploy higher capacity LTE networks. Huawei released hexa-band antenna using 700/850-900MHz at the Southern Pacific antenna & AAU summit

With the rapid development of the MBB (Mobile Broadband) market in Asia Pacific, the number of smart terminals is increasing, creating a challenge for network capacity. New spectrum, like 700MHz, is being planned for release but is happening slowly. Therefore, carriers should think about how to rebuild the antenna system for MBB targeting the network in 2020. Currently, there are many challenges are being faced by antenna installation. Some of these are:

Towers and sites in general are almost full, making it difficult to add antennas on existing sites and make it necessary to acquire new sites. Modifying sites and repeatedly installing antennas result in higher construction cost.

The traditional way of reusing antennas with combiners cannot support independent adjustment in electrical down-tilt, causing degradation in network performance and user experience.

Huawei’s hexa-band antenna using 700/850-900MHz can effectively deal with these challenges. The unique highlights are as follows:

Easy deployment: this antenna adopts the Huawei unique “Dipole Reuse” technology which supports more bands without requiring size modifications, resulting in a reduction in width of 40% compared to a traditional hexa-band antenna. The antenna can effectively reduce wind loads, extremely reducing TCO, which makes the deployment and modification easier.

Higher capacity: The antenna supports six bands on 700/850-900MHz simultaneously, meeting the requirements of multi-band network deployment. It also supports flexible MIMO, thus provides higher network capacity and satisfies the needs of various application requirements.

Better performance: The antenna also supports remote independent adjustment in electrical down-tilt, allowing it to meet the demands of independent multi-network management and at the same time achieving accurate coverage and better performance.

Fast capacity expansion allowing for future evolution: Multi-band and ultra band are reserved for the addition of future LTE bands in order to satisfy fast LTE deployment requirements.

Zhou Taoyuan, President of Huawei’s Antenna Business Unit, in attendance said:”With the rapid development of the MBB market in Asia Pacific, Huawei concentrates its efforts on continuous innovations around the subscriber’s demand, providing the most advanced mobile network solutions and excellent mobile experience for end users.”

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