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Press Release -- May 19th, 2015
Source: Huawei

Huawei Hosts 3rd eLTE Industry Alliance Summit to Promote Better Connected Industries through Open Cooperation

[Barcelona, Spain, May 19, 2015] Huawei held the 3rd eLTE Industry Alliance Summit in Barcelona, bringing together more than 200 industry peers to share insights on current trends around global broadband trunking standards, the alliance’s latest developments and cooperation achievements, as well as eLTE solutions best practices from Huawei and partners across various industries. Able to satisfy the high-level network requirements of the industry, eLTE solutions have been widely applied to areas of safe city, Industry 4.0 intelligent factories, and intelligent transportation, helping governments and enterprise customers to continuously improve their operating efficiency and security.

During his keynote speech titled “Visible & Convergent, eLTE for Better Connected Industries” at the Summit, Leon He, President of Huawei West European Enterprise Business, said, “Strongly based on the concept of open cooperation, the eLTE Industry Alliance aims to establish a mature industry chain by leveraging the complementary advantages of different partners while jointly exploring the eLTE market. At Huawei, we are committed to collaborating with industry partners to accelerate eLTE broadband trunking standardization as a 3GPP specification, facilitating the harmonious development of private LTE network spectrum and optimizing end-to-end industry solutions to build a healthy and mature eLTE ecosystem.”

Leon He, President of Huawei West European Enterprise Business, delivers the keynote speech at the 3rd eLTE Industry Alliance Summit

Using eLTE To Continuously Improve Government and Enterprise Operating Efficiency

With the ever-increasing industrial demand of eLTE triggered by the development of a better connected world, Huawei’s eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution and eLTE Broadband AccessSolution has been successfully implemented within governments, subways, airports, ports, oil and gas fields across the globe. Moreover, LTE-M technology-based eLTE solution plays a crucial role in the application of Internet of Things, equipping factories with ‘sensory nerve endings’ to provide more adaptive network access to support Industry 4.0 transformation.

Thomas Lynch, Director for IHS Critical Communications Group, also discussed how he believes that the private LTE broadband trunking network market has now entered the ‘fast lane’ of development with rapid growth in public safety area, followed by public service and transportation, as well as industrial areas. “IHS expects the LTE market for critical communications will reach over USD2 billion by 2018, and that private network users will adopt huge amounts of data services, with the potential to reach millions of critical communications users over the short to mid-term period,” he said.

On the importance of bringing nation-wide eLTE application to the United Kingdom, Graham Currier, Network Performance Director of British private network provider, UK Broadband, noted, “UK Broadband partnered with Huawei to develop industry-specific solutions and applications for governments, public utilities, intelligent transportation, and large enterprises based on eLTE solutions. Together, we aim to lead the development of the critical communication market in Europe and are looking forward to the widespread application of eLTE in Britain.”

Increasing the Global Attractiveness of the eLTE Industry Alliance

The eLTE Industry Alliance is playing an increasingly important role in promoting market applications across industries, as well as solution innovation and standard evolution of eLTE solutions. Since it was established in February 2014, the eLTE Industry Alliance has made significant progress in developing a global member network which includes vendors across a broad range of industry chains, including customers, private network operators, large integrators, application developers, and terminal providers.

As a result, many new partners have joined the alliance this year, with 16 new members announced at the summit, including global communication technology partner Siemens CVC, research and analysis institution IHS, British private network provider UK Broadband, and industry leading security product supplier Hikvision, taking its total number of members to 72. In order to honor the outstanding alliance members who have made significant contributions in promoting eLTE solutions over the past year, the eLTE Industry Alliance presented a “Best Joint Marketing Award” to Indra, a “Best Joint Innovation Award” to Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electrical, and a “Best Win-Win Business Award” to UK Broadband.

The eLTE Indurtry Alliance welcomes its new members in Barcelona, Spain

Huawei focuses on eLTE Solutions Innovation to Better Serve Customers Worldwide

By the end of 2015 Q1, Huawei signed 111 eLTE network contracts and established 53 commercial eLTE networks, ranking first globally. It also established three enterprise wireless cooperation and innovation centers in the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany, enhancing its overall solution capabilities through continuous R&D investment. In May 2015, Huawei announced the founding of the Huawei European Research Institute in Belgium. Huawei enterprise wireless will take the opportunity to dedicate to implementing related standards while promoting an innovative environment. By virtue of global cooperation, Huawei hopes to establish a larger eLTE ecological chain for innovation and resource integration in the future, realizing better connected industries.

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