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Press Release -- May 19th, 2015
Source: C7 Data Centers

C7 Data Centers Constructing Phase 2 of its Newest Data Center & Office Complex in Utah, Granite Point II

Bluffdale, Utah – May 19, 2015 8:00a.m. MST – C7 Data Centers (C7) announces the construction of Phase 2 of Granite Point II, its flagship data center and office complex in Bluffdale, Utah. Opened in December 2013 with a first phase of 35,000 feet of data center space, it is nearing occupancy and C7 has begun the construction of an additional 30,000 square feet in Phase II to be finished in October, 2015. This will complete Granite Point II’s 95,000 feet of space, securing its position as Utah’s newest, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art multi-tenant data center complex.

In conjunction with this growth, C7 has also expanded the power capacity to the Granite Point Campus to 11+ Megawatts, to further leverage the 250,000 square foot campus. An onsite substation is planned for 2016 to expand the power capacity to 20+ Megawatts. Given C7’s innovative approach to cooling efficiencies by mating technology and the geographic advantages of its cold desert locations, C7 can deliver 75%-80% of its power capacity to the servers and critical load, versus the industry average of 50%-60%.

C7 is a leading provider of advanced IT, cloud and data center colocation services with multiple data centers strategically located in Utah for some of the nation’s lowest power rates, ambient air cooling for cost savings, low disaster risk profile, a highly accessible airport and the great outdoor lifestyle.

C7’s local, national and international clients are offered colocation solutions with various options for expandable space, security, cooling, power and bandwidth for their data infrastructures. Customers vary across all industries with a common desire for disaster-safe, scalable and affordable data center colocation. Other solutions may involve C7’s Cloud & IT Services division to assist or provide cloud resources.

CEO Wes Swenson said, “Granite Point II is an extreme departure in data center design from the typical industry standard; in its aesthetic, “just in time” effectiveness, and efficiency in provisioning and cooling. We have had an overwhelming response to the product; it’s not like anything else in the market. Beyond all the thought, technology, and detail are the employees. Our employees have such great pride in the product, and they are fanatical about customer satisfaction. We have enjoyed terrific growth with local clients, but even greater growth with non-proximate clients from all over the world. Our designs and service are world class, yet our costs are often times 40%-50% lower than similar or larger sized metropolitan service providers in other parts of the United States.”

Granite Point II is the most advanced Tier III-type data center the company has built to date, and one of the most progressive and efficient data centers in the country. In order to ensure low cost services, C7 uses Just-in-Time build outs and initially plumbed Granite Point II for maximum usage but builds out the infrastructure at the time it is required, thus offering efficient scaling for low cost colocation. Utilizing ambient air cooling, innovative cold air containment, and actuated cooling to variable server heat loads, Granite Point II also boasts dense power deployments and monitoring at every level of the infrastructure. 48U cabinets are standard with 36 inch raised floors, under-floor directional plenums, and circuit or metered power. Anti-piggybacking secure access with three factor authentication (access badge, video, and iris confirmation), secure network and carrier rooms and a 24/7 network operations center guarantee strict safety measures. And C7 provides dedicated office suites for its customers’ IT support personnel that are directly connected with fiber right to the data center floor. Granite Point II represents the beauty, technology, scalability and affordability of a C7 data center solution.

About C7 Data Centers
C7 Data Centers is a privately held Utah company with data centers exclusively in Utah. The company is focused on providing state-of-the-art, high value and high-density multi-tenant data centers, delivering cloud, production, and disaster recovery solutions to local, national and international businesses. C7 is the largest data center provider in the State of Utah. For more information about C7 Data Centers, call 801-822-5300 or visit, or for press relations, Jennifer Johnson, at 202-841-1171.

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