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Press Release -- April 1st, 2015
Source: Sprint Nextel

Top 5 April Fool’s Day apps

By Amy Johnsonbaugh

If you’re looking for an April Fool’s Day gag to pull one over on your friends and family today, look no further than your Android smartphone or iPhone.

  1. Crack Your Screen Prank: Watch the expression on your friends’ faces when your smartphone screen appears to crack in front of their eyes. You can “crack” the screen by either a simple touch, shake or set a timer. Free Android Similar app for iOS called Crack & Break it!
  2. HOTTRIX: Lean your head back, tilt your phone to your mouth and make it look like you’re drinking something right from your phone. HOTTRIX has a series of apps to simulate drinking right from your smartphone including: Soda, Water, Coffee, Chocolate, Champagne, Energy Drink, Fizzy Drink, Orange, Beer, and Milk! You can even shake the phone for bubbles and foam, tilt to drink or pour out. Free burp sound included. Free Android, iOS
  3. Prank Call & Prank SMS: With this application you can simulate phone calls to fool your friends into thinking they’re getting a phone call  or text message from a celebrity, or just about anyone. Free Android
  4. Scary App: The iPhone Prank (iLabyrinth) – Screamer: This application pretends to be a “skill test”: Navigate a silver marble through a wooden maze using the device’s tilt sensor. Run the app, give it to someone you’d like to scare, and tell them you don’t think they can finish all three levels. While your friend is playing, in the middle of level 3, a grotesque face suddenly and unexpectedly appears, together with a loud and scary scream. $0.99 iOS. An app that will equally frighten is available for Android.
  5. Magic Spider: My Pet Boris: Do you know
    anyone who is afraid of spiders? Then this is the perfect April Fool’s prank for them. The app uses the idea of “Augmented Reality” – merging real life objects with computer generated graphics to create a truly frightening effect. You take a photo of the spectator’s palm (secretly loading a plastic spider on the back of their hand) and place the phone on their palm to hold. A black widow spider creeps onto the screen and they can feel the vibrations as it walks. You can tap the screen and even slide your finger into the animation to scratch the spider’s back. $2.99 Android, iOS

Amy Johnsonbaugh is a communications manager for the Apps and Services team at Sprint. Based in Orange County, Calif., she can answer questions related to Sprint-branded or third-party consumer applications, music/entertainment applications, accessibility applications, Sprint ID and family service applications. Amy can be reached at

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