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Press Release -- April 10th, 2015
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Professional sports utilizing the cloud

Professional sports have grown from recreational activities that people did on the weekends to a trillion dollar industry within the past century. One of the main causes of that is the constant pursuit of innovation within sports. Whether it’s changing equipment or finding a way to improve the watching experience, there’s always something going on in professional sports that fans aren’t aware of until they see it for themselves. But a recent change that fans, teams and franchises get to directly benefit from is the inclusion of the cloud.

Use of the cloud in professional sports has helped move the industry even further into the future. The most popular leagues in the U.S. such as the NBA, NFL and NHL have quickly taken to the storage strategy and are reaping the benefits.

Fans using the cloud
There was once a time when the only way fans could see statistics outside of the final score of a sporting event was to find it in the newspaper. However, this was problematic because there was only so much room available in a newspaper to give in-depth statistics for analysis. Fans would also have to find old newspapers to look at old statistics. Then came a time where everything was available on the Internet. But the problem with this system is that statistics were only available for a certain time due to memory constraints. Now the cloud allows basketball fans to view statistics for every recorded NBA game dating back to the very first one in 1946. Fans are also able to get statistics immediately following games, as well as in real time so that they can follow along and watch out for specific trends.

Teams using the cloud
Teams in both the NFL and NHL have begun using cloud storage and streaming to their benefit. NFL teams use the cloud to help them select draft picks by making their information immediately accessible. NHL teams are using the cloud to keep track of in-game trends and anticipate what will happen next to make the right coaching decisions.

Franchises using the cloud
The business end of professional sports is probably where the cloud is the most beneficial. Whether it’s scouting draft prospects, negotiating player’s contracts or any of the other things that need to be taken care of on the long list that seems to never get finished. Professional sports executives have to specialize in multitasking and thinking on their feet in case of any unexpected changes. Using the cloud to access and share key information makes this easier than it would be if half of the time were spent trying to find the right documents or schedule meetings.

Using the cloud also helps franchises keep track of information pertaining to their relationship with their fans. Franchises can now use statistical information, as a result of their fans using the cloud, to see how to improve their marketability. If they notice that a growing number of their fans are in a certain region of the country, they can use that information moving forward and take advantage of it. Franchises can also use the cloud to track attendance and look through survey data to improve the fan’s experience while in attendance.

Fans, teams and franchises all benefit from using cloud storage in professional sports. The overall experience has been improved as a result of the convenience the cloud provides in regards to finding out if their favorite player is on the verge of breaking a new record, they’re looking to see if their opponent is in the middle of a slump or are looking to draft their next franchise player.

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