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Press Release -- April 21st, 2015
Source: Huawei

Innovative ICT Infrastructure is the Foundation of a Better Connected Smart Nation

Huawei Rotating CEO shares vision and strategy for an ICT-empowered smart nation

[Singapore, April 21, 2015] Huawei today shared its vision and strategy for creating digitally connected smart societies through innovative ICT infrastructure across smart devices that generate and display information; networks that transmit and distribute it; and computing devices that process and store it.

Guo Ping, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman of the Board and Rotating CEO, spoke about the transformative power of an ICT-empowered smart nation with more than 150 CEOs, investors, and thought leaders at the Founders Forum Smart Nation Singapore, organized by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

“Innovative ICT infrastructure is fundamental to the digital restructuring of industries and the long-term development of a Better Connected Smart Nation,” said Mr. Guo during his keynote speech.

Mr. Guo Ping, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman of the Board and Rotating CEO, shared the company’s vision and strategy at the Founders Forum

Mr. Guo said that digital connectivity enables countries to attract investment, generate employment, and promote sustainability. He believes that Singapore’s Smart Nation plan has the potential to make Singapore the world’s first smart nation – one that takes full advantage of the transformative power of next-generation digital infrastructure.

With an estimated 100 billion connections expected to come online in the next few years, new methods and smarter solutions are needed to store, transmit, and process huge amounts of information. Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets), a next-generation network architecture, will play a significant role in realizing the Singapore Government’s vision of establishing Singapore as the world’s first smart nation. By exploiting the heterogeneity of networks and radio access technologies, HetNets enable data services to be dynamically provisioned with the most efficient use of spectrum and network resources available.

Through active collaboration with telecommunications carriers, Huawei’s advanced HetNet technologies are being tested at the Jurong Lake District. Huawei HetNet advance technologies help to improve user experience by balancing cellular and WiFi network traffic using a cutting-edge coordination system.

Digitization and the Internet have reshaped industries and integrated the digital and physical worlds. Mr. Guo said, “Connections are no longer just between people, but also between people and things, and things and things. And these are not just connections, but smart connections, which allow for smart applications, smart cities, and even smart nations.”

Shifting Mindsets, Creating New Opportunities

A Better Connected World will create new business opportunities, so traditional industries must become digital in order to adapt. Mr. Guo said that every industry must proactively embrace the Internet and ICT to modernize and reinvent itself.

As an example, Huawei is working with carriers in Singapore to provide cloud computing services, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the latest technical services to support business growth.

“Today, we see that behind globally competitive connectivity is a strong, collaborative industry chain with high levels of technological convergence and industry integration,” Mr. Guo said. “As part of this Smart Nation plan, Huawei looks forward to working closely with industries and academia in Singapore to create a Better Connected Smart Nation.”

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