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Press Release -- April 10th, 2015
Source: Huawei

Huawei Releases Industry’s First Multi-band Miniature Antenna on 700/850-900 MHz

[Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 10, 2015] Huawei released the industry’s first multi-band miniature antenna supporting 700/850-900MHz at the Latin American LTE Forum today. This antenna adopts the innovative “Dipole Reuse” technology and supports various bands ranging from 700/850-900/1800MHz to AWS/PCS/2100/2600MHz. Among these, the quad-band antenna (690-803/824-960/2*1710-2690MHz) boasts a reduction in width of 40% compared to a traditional antenna. Besides its compact size, the multi-band miniature antenna also supports remote independent adjustment in electrical down-tilt allowing it to achieve the best network performance, meeting the demands of multi-band network deployments and providing a better mobile service for subscribers.

Huawei released antenna on 700/850-900MHz at the Latin American LTE Forum

Since its release in 2014, 700MHz has become a golden frequency used to deploy LTE on low bands across Latin America. New frequencies create new opportunities for operators but also present new challenges for the antenna such as locating new sites in urban areas and acquiring new space for antenna installation on existing sites, greatly hindering the progress of LTE deployment. Meanwhile, the traditional way of adding antennas complicates antenna architecture, making them difficult to maintain and increasing the total cost of construction. Huawei’s Multi-band Antenna portfolio, capable of supporting 700/850-900MHz, can help operators provide a better performance, easy deployment with a modern and more intelligent antenna and also features the following advantages:

One-time deployment is able to reduce the total operational cost: This series of antennas, with their compact size, can achieve easy deployment while supporting many bands from 700 to 850-900MHz simultaneously.

Multi-network independent optimization realizes better performance: It can support 700/850-900MHz network to remotely adjust the electrical down-tilt independently, achieving accurate coverage and better performance.

Efficient maintenance decreases operating expense: This series of antennas applies the innovative EasyRET (plug and play RET solution) which enhances deployment efficiency by 40% and reliability by 200%.

Fast capacity expansion towards future evolution: Multi-band and ultraband are reserved for LTE bands to be added in the future in order to satisfy fast LTE deployment requirements.


“Our vision is to help operators build competitive mobile broadband networks geared towards future evolution”, said Stefan Feuchtinger, Vice President of Huawei’s Antenna Product Line. “Based on our extensive experience and understanding of networks in Latin American, Huawei released the 700/850-900MHz multi-band antenna portfolio which will help operators to create a better performing LTE network and achieve business success”.

In 2014, shipments of Huawei’s global base station antennas exceeded one million units, serving 16 of the world’s top 20 operators.

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