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Press Release -- February 9th, 2015
Source: Sprint Nextel

How to Make the Right Choices in Wireless and Save Money

Choosing a wireless carrier is an important decision. Consumers have more options than ever when signing up for new service. There are new and affordable wireless voice and data plans, a robust selection of smartphones that boast advanced features, powerful operating systems and sleek designs, and evolving networks to consider.

Sometimes all of the competing carrier information can be a little…well…overwhelming. So, we would like to help simplify your decision when selecting a wireless carrier:

1. COST OF SERVICE  Consider how much you are paying each month for your wireless service. There are many ways to reduce your monthly bill.

The majority of wireless users (44.5 percent) who are thinking of changing their service provider cite cost savings/better deal from another provider as the main motivating factor.2

TIP: If you’re a Verizon or AT&T customer thinking about switching carriers to save money, Sprint’s Cut Your Bill in HalfEvent could be your answer. Just bring a copy of your latest wireless bill and your current mobile phones to a nearby Sprint Store, and we will cut your monthly rate plan in half. You get unlimited talk and text to anywhere in the U.S., plus we’ll match your data allowance in your current monthly rate plan all while on the Sprint network.

Network coverage and reliability are critical factors in making a decision to sign up with a new wireless carrier. Make sure to check wireless coverage in your area before making a buying decision.

TIP: Ask a sales representative to show you a map of coverage in your area or research online via the company’s website. For example, Sprint provides the following tool to check coverage in your area:

Think about the type of device and types of features that will best suit your lifestyle. Consider the camera, screen size and color, as well as the operating system – Android (e.g. Samsung, HTC), iOS (Apple) or Windows. Sample each of these to become familiar with differences. You can visit a retail store to test out a variety of phones. It’s a very personal decision, so pick the phone that fits you best.

TIP: When thinking about devices, also look at tablets and mobile broadband cards as solutions to your lifestyle and business needs. Sometimes you can get a special bundled offer if you purchase more than one device.

TIP: Leasing a handset versus buying one is now an option. Exclusive to Sprint, there are new leasing plans for select phones. For example, with the iPhone For Life Plancustomers can lease the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for 24 months and lease a new iPhone every two years.

Sooner or later, you will need to talk to customer service – whether it is to discuss an upgrade in service, ask a simple billing question, or need help. Carriers today offer advanced services and online support tools with step-by-step instructions, so customers don’t have to face long hold times or wait too long in line. Community pages and a company’s Twitter or Facebook page can also offer quick and easy answers to your questions.

TIP: Consider what customer service options the wireless carrier offers such as helpful  sales reps, good customer care on the phone, easy-to-navigate website.

TIP: Talk to friends and family who already have the carrier you’re considering – find out what their experience with customer service has been. Word-of-mouth feedback can be very helpful.

TIP: With Ready Now, customers can learn about features, new and useful applications, and can receive personalized service – either during or after the point of sale – to make sure everything they need is set up properly on their new device.

Now is a great time to switch carriers. There are a lot of compelling offers, powerful handsets and customer-friendly options in the world of wireless. Make sure you are informed so you can make the best decision possible. Good luck and let us know if you have questions or comments.

Editor's Note:
Caroline Semerdjian is a communications manager at Sprint. Based in San Francisco, she can be reached at

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