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Press Release -- December 11th, 2014
Source: Sprint Nextel

Sprint is powering the connectivity to thousands of interactive kiosks

Enter any pharmacy, casino or airport and you’ll likely see an array of sleek interactive kiosks. These self-service, fully automated wireless stations can check your blood pressure, recharge your mobile phone, or expedite the acquisition of your boarding pass.

Thousands of digitized consumer kiosks across the nation are connected by the Sprint wireless network and powered by Sprint’s Command Center, a centralized portal companies use to manage their kiosks and other devices. Sprint teams with Customer Service Associates (CSA) to provide secure connectivity to more than 4,000 such stations. By the end of 2014, that number is expected to increase to 8,000.

CSA designs, imports, stages and sets up the kiosks in nearly any setting and supports them on monthly contracts. The wireless connectivity CSA gets from Sprint is bundled into the kiosks and provides the Tampa-based company real-time monitoring of machine performance, such as up and down times, reporting on machine usage, health metrics and other analytics.

“We provide the power to access real-time metrics to the thousands of folks who use a kiosk each day,” said business sales manager Russell Heder of Sprint. “Most people, when they think of a wireless company like Sprint, first think of smartphones and rate plans. We’re involved in so much more with our many M2M (machine-to-machine) offerings like mobile connections for these stations.”

With a surge of aging baby boomers and more health-conscious citizens, health kiosks in particular are in great demand. And who hasn’t used an airport boarding kiosk when running late? Sprint and CSA know it’s crucial the digitized stations work accurately, promptly and securely.

CSA relies on the convenient and comprehensive Sprint M2M Command Center to control provisioning, billing, device and service management — all from one centralized and secure portal.

“Relying on the Sprint bundles of connectivity and its Command Center allow us to not have to use the myriad networks for each retailer we partner with,” said Luc Vallieres, vice president and general manager, CSA. “That allows our company to save time, reduce complexity, and offer strong customer satisfaction.”

Connectivity in the kiosks is powered by Sprint-approved hardware provided by Sprint. Thus, anywhere there is a data signal, you have an instant network.

CSA has been lighting up kiosks across the country for two years with Heder and fellow Sprint account manager Brock Hamrick.

“Brock and Russell are like an extension of CSA,” Vallieres said. “They understand the technology, they’re innovative, and they’re super quick to respond to our needs.”

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