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Press Release -- December 29th, 2014
Source: Ericsson

SingTel and Ericsson bring World Class In-building User Experience to Singapore

  • Asia’s leading communications group exploring benefits of Ericsson’s innovative small cell solution for world class in-building user experience with the Radio Dot System
  • In a ground-breaking pilot, Ericsson’s Radio Dot System is currently being trialed at Changi Business Park across both SingTel’s WCDMA (3G) and LTE (4G) live networks.
  • Enterprise buildings and public venues targeted for improved LTE and WCDMA capacity through the Radio Dot System

SingTel is right now conducting a ground-breaking trial of Ericsson’s Radio Dot System to vastly improve the in-building mobile broadband experience in Singapore. The live trial is currently underway at Changi Business Park, with the ambition to extend SingTel’s LTE and 3G network coverage into enterprise buildings and public venues. The Radio Dot System will deliver a world-class, high-performance mobile broadband experience to SingTel customers.

The solution enables operators to deliver high-performance coverage and capacity in any size or type of building. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with SingTel’s LTE and 3G networks.

Tay Soo Meng, SingTel’s Group Chief Technology Officer, says: “We are excited to work with Ericsson to bring the benefits of the Radio Dot System to our customers. The elegant design and simple installation of the Dot suits a wide variety of buildings in Singapore.

“SingTel is continually enhancing and upgrading its networks to deliver the fastest and most consistent mobile services. We are focused on improving customer experience by adopting the latest world-class technologies and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Knowing the importance of delivering not only good in-building coverage but also having good data throughput for our customers, this new pilot will help us to enhance and improve the SingTel customer experience in both commercial and public buildings.”

Singapore is in the top five in the world when it comes to LTE adoption and smartphone penetration. As users spend a majority of their time indoors, enhancing network coverage and performance indoors is very critical to meet consumer demands.

Nicholas Seow, President of Ericsson Singapore & Brunei, says: “According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, mobile data traffic will grow by a factor of 17 over the next five years, driven by app culture and video. Leading operators like SingTel are focused on improving indoor network performance and coverage.”

Seow continues “Ericsson and SingTel enjoy a great technology partnership that leverages the strengths of both companies. Ericsson worked closely with SingTel to ensure the success of their world-class LTE network, and addressing indoor opportunities with the Radio Dot System is a natural evolution of this relationship.”

About Ericsson Radio Dot System

In-building environments pose multiple challenges for mobile operators and indoor solutions currently on the market present limitations.

The Radio Dot System is delivers consistently high-performance voice and data coverage and capacity in the broadest range of enterprise buildings and public venues.

The Ericsson Radio Dot System is compact and offers flexible mounting. It introduces a revolutionary antenna element or “dot” which delivers mobile broadband access to users. Because of its convenient size, scalability, and compelling evolution path, this product caters for different kinds of users in medium to large indoor locations, and aims to address operators’ needs of offering a complete indoor solution.

Dots are connected and powered via standard internet LAN cables (Category 5/6/7) to indoor radio units that link to a base station. The Radio Dot System leverages the same industry-leading features found in Ericsson’s macro base station. Deployments and upgrades are simple and the user experience is consistent wherever they go. The indoor network evolves in lockstep with the outdoor network.

Ericsson Radio Dot System supports integration with Ericsson’s carrier Wi-Fi portfolio enabling features such as real-time traffic steering to ensure the best user experience across both Wi-Fi and 3GPP networks.

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