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Press Release -- December 17th, 2014
Source: Sprint Nextel

Pittsburgh CEO says Google Apps for Work from Sprint is ‘made for his business’

Google Apps for Work is packed with lots of unique offerings including Drive, Hangouts, and Vault, three apps that are helping Frank Catroppa’s company simplify and grow.

Based in Pittsburgh, Coast 2 Coast Communications is an authorized reseller of XFINITY by Comcast products. Catroppa, the company’s CEO, recently took the advice of Sprint Business account rep Nick Muffi to simplify his business and save money by purchasing 10 seat licenses to Google Apps for Work with Unlimited Storage and Vault (Google Drive for Work). The Google Drive for Work “seat licenses” have been put to good use improving collaboration between Catroppa, his assistant, and other company executives.

So what is the advantage with Google Drive for Work from Sprint? It provides the same user experience across devices and work environments. The mobile-centric cloud-based solution from Sprint helps employees be productive wherever they go. They also become more engaged and work becomes fun.

“The efficiency payoff from the Google Apps have been awesome,” Catroppa said.  “Most of my leadership team is remote and we must collaborate on documents quickly and accurately. Meeting virtually through Hangouts gets all of us, especially sales VPs, on the same page communication-wise. That’s so valuable.”

The integrated document editors of Docs, Sheets, and Slides are also making Coast 2 Coast successful. Before implementing it, the company had to sift through and manually process stacks of paper forms and documents in many very large file cabinets and storage bins.

“Our forms are now digitized and we enjoy unlimited storage,” Catroppa said. “We must retain sales order forms for three years. Google Drive for Work allowed us to store the forms in an organized and secure way. The search feature is irreplaceable.”

Going digital with document storage has also freed up large swaths of floor space in Coast 2 Coast offices, space that had been cluttered with cabinets and storage units.

Google Drive for Work has also increased employee motivation. Two employees who had been doing tedious data entry can today more directly help sales reps with follow up and customer service.

“It’s as if theses Google Apps were made for my business,” Catroppa said. “And on top of that, Sprint’s network performance has been outstanding and it feels like Nick is a part of my team.”

Muffi said another valuable selling point of Google Drive for Work for Coast 2 Coast and other mid-sized companies is the predictable, fixed cost aspect that decision-makers and financial officers will enjoy.

“The value that’s packed in Google Apps for Work with Unlimited Storage and Vault is unmatched,” Muffi said. “Business owners get a fixed cost for adding and removing seats according to needs while providing powerful collaboration tools for their employees. Another differentiator is the end-to-end capability – we offer the software, hardware, and device configuration and customer support with the 24x7 Carefree Cloud offering. It’s a very exciting conversation for a business of any size.”

Learn how Google Apps for Work from Sprint can make your company more productive and cost efficient.

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