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Press Release -- November 5th, 2014
Source: Verizon

Verizon’s Private IP SCI Service to Offer Connections to Google Cloud Interconnect

Provides enterprise-class choice to Google Cloud platform customers

by Janet Brumfield

Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Private IP Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) service will soon be available withGoogle Cloud Interconnect (GCI), a service announced at Google’s cloud conference on Tuesday (Nov. 4) in San Francisco. Verizon’s SCI offering will provide an enterprise-class cloud networking option for Google Cloud Platform customers.

With SCI, Google Cloud Platform customers will be able to securely access their mission-critical applications in the cloud via either their mobile devices (running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network), or from their office laptops (connected to Verizon’s global Private IP network).

The private networking option offers Google customers a rich feature set, including dynamic bandwidth allocation, strong security (encryption), application performance throughput, quality of service options and usage-based billing.

Verizon removes many of the barriers that often affect enterprise cloud adoption, including control, scalability and flexibility with the Secure Cloud Interconnect platform.

“Verizon SCI is fast becoming the premier choice for enterprises that are shifting workloads into the cloud,” said Shawn Hakl, networking platforms and managed products for Verizon. “Google Cloud Platform customers will find that SCI delivers an unbeatable combination of security, resiliency, application performance, simplicity and efficiency while enabling a wide range of applications and use cases. With SCI, the intersection of networking and enterprise computing is being taken to a whole new level.”

According to Verizon’s just released State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2014 report, 65 percent of enterprises are now using cloud and are increasingly moving more complex and mission-critical workloads to this environment.

The report also found that “enterprises will continue to use a mixture of providers, partly to benefit from the ‘best-of-breed’ values that different providers offer, and partly to avoid ‘putting all their eggs in one basket’. Cloud providers must recognize that for most enterprises they’re just one part of an interconnected and federated ecosystem of providers.”

According to Ovum Principal Analyst Mike Sapien, “Ovum predicted the growing requirement for Cloud-Network integration (CNI) in early 2014. Verizon’s SCI program — and the interconnect with Google Cloud — is a great example of this customer need for network integration to cloud services. Verizon has created a very flexible, usage-based offer that uniquely addresses the customer’s need for flexibility, usage-based consumption and reliable, secure connectivity for cloud services.”
SCI with Google Cloud Interconnect

Verizon’s SCI service will offer pre-integrated wireless and IP data networking capabilities to the Google Cloud Platform, creating a high-performance multi-cloud environment for users.

With SCI, Google Cloud Platform customers can improve the security, consistency and reliability of their business cloud connections without the need to construct costly and time consuming custom network connections. In addition, SCI and Google Cloud Interconnect are built with redundant links to further increase the reliability of the solution.

Google Cloud Interconnect with SCI will be available in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2015.

Currently, Verizon’s SCI service connects to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Verizon Cloud and Equinix data centers.
Verizon Private IP Provides Secure, High-Performance Environment for Cloud Computing

SCI is built on Verizon’s world-class Private IP network that offers any-to-any connectivity of IP, while providing the security and reliability associated with private wide area networking solutions. Using Verizon’s Mobile Private Networking feature, SCI is further extended to U.S. users of its world-class 4G LTE service. Available in more than 170 markets around the globe, Private IP delivers scalability, varying classes of service, expansive reach and exceptional service, including stringent service level agreements for latency and packet-loss.

Visit Verizon’s networking products site to learn more about Private IP Secure Cloud Interconnect services.

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