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Press Release -- November 4th, 2014
Source: Interoute

Treestle builds Artificially Intelligent DNS service on Interoute Virtual Data Centre

Interoute’s cloud proves perfect infrastructure for innovative startup delivering scalable, stable and secure web traffic management.  

London, November 4th, 2014 – Treestle, an ambitious Dutch software development startup with a branch in Silicon Valley, today announced the public launch of its first product, LiquiDNS, on Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC). The pioneering LiquiDNS solution provides load-balancing over a website’s Domain Name System (DNS) and features Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs which can help deliver greater resilience during heavy website traffic loads. To run its service, Treestle needed a highly available core infrastructure that provided resilience for very high traffic levels. Treestle chose the Interoute VDC cloud computing platform because of its global, low latency, high throughput network and extensive choice of geographically distributed cloud zones.

Treestle signed up for the Interoute VDC Jump StartUp offering which gives startups and developers a year of free cloud computing resource, and very rapidly recognised the potential of Interoute’s networked cloud platform. In the space of just a few months, Treestle left its local provider and migrated to Interoute VDC as its primary infrastructure provider.

Treestle now hosts a large number of DNS Servers and databases, as well as its Primary AI programs for LiquiDNS in Interoute Virtual Data Centres across Europe, and plans to expand to further locations such as Interoute’s recently opened Hong Kong and New York locations. LiquiDNS benefits from the highest possible speeds by plugging directly into the Interoute network backbone that is built into Interoute VDC, gaining the ability to handle extraordinary workload spikes and massive scalability in the cloud.

Pushing load balancing technology to new levels, the Treestle team has developed an Intelligent Network of AI programs. This forms part of LiquiDNS and can map a customer’s web servers and learn from them over time, optimising paths across the internet and ensuring web traffic takes the best available routes. When there are peaks in traffic, LiquiDNS  routes traffic in real time to less busy web servers, and its API can be linked to the APIs of cloud services like Interoute VDC to launch temporary servers for customers as required. Latency for LiquiDNS and the Intelligent Network of AI’s is also minimised by hosting the application as close as possible to its clients’ web servers, using the distributed Interoute VDC zones and global network reach.

Timothy Armstrong, co-founder of Treestle, commented: “LiquiDNS is taking web traffic management to a new, more intelligent level, because it learns how best to protect our clients websites and then uses that knowledge in real time when a site is under pressure. Interoute Virtual Data Centre gives us the highest speeds in the cloud for our services because it’s plugged straight into the main internet backbone of Europe and we get an instant interface with that network. The closer we can physically and digitally host our platform to where the visitors to our customers’ websites are, the faster and better the user experience will be. Data compliance and regulation is also very important to many of our customers, so the wide choice of Interoute Virtual Data Cente zones puts control of data location directly in our hands.”

In the face of a rapidly shifting data protection regulation landscape, compliance is also a key concern. Interoute VDC’s multiple zones gives Treestle control of where they place their data, helping it ensure that customer data remains where required. Treestle also benefits from the fact that Interoute does not charge for data transfer across its network, making it a cost efficient choice.

Matthew Finnie CTO of InterouteMatthew Finnie, CTO of Interoute, commented: “By combining Treestle’s innovative LiquiDNS service with location-sensitive networked computing on Interoute VDC, Treestle has been able to build up its resilient and innovative AI solution rapidly. It has created a solution which matches both its customers’ geographical and regulatory compliance needs and maximises the low latency benefits of Interoute’s closely distributed cloud computing zones and powerful backbone network for its solution.”


About Treestle
Treestle B.V. specialises in intelligent software defined networking technology. With its globally distributed network it provides LiquiDNS as a service, improving website performance and responsiveness. Treestle works on disruptive technologies that enable further innovation in new areas such as the Internet of Things. Treestle is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and San Francisco, USA. To see a simulation of LiquiDNS compared with other leading load-balancing services visit:

About Interoute
Interoute Communications Ltd is the owner operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, which encompasses over 67,000 km of lit fibre, 12 data centres, 11 Virtual Data Centres and 31 colocation centres, with connections to 195 additional third-party data centres across Europe. Its full-service Unified ICT platform serves international enterprises, as well as every major European telecommunications incumbent and the major operators of North America, East and South Asia, governments and universities. These organisations find Interoute the ideal partner for computing, connectivity and communications and developing new services. Its Unified ICT strategy has proved attractive to enterprises looking for a scalable, secure and unconstrained platform on which they can build their voicevideocomputing and data services, as well as service providers in need of high capacity international data transit and infrastructure. With established operations throughout mainland Europe, North America and Dubai, Interoute also owns and operates dense city networks throughout Europe’s major business channels

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