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Press Release -- November 3rd, 2014
Source: Midokura

Midokura Open Sources Complete IaaS Network Virtualization Solution for OpenStack Community

MidoNet Open Source Project Launches with Strong Industry and Partner Support

OPENSTACK SUMMIT PARIS – November 3, 2014 – Midokura, a global startup focused on network virtualization, today announced that the source code for its MidoNet technology, a complete network virtualization solution designed for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds, is now freely available. MidoNet is a highly distributed, de-centralized, multi-layer software-defined virtual network solution and the industry’s first truly open vendor-agnostic network virtualization solution available today for the OpenStack Community.

“We’ve been hard at work building our MidoNet solution for the past four years, well ahead of the competition,” said Dan Mihai Dumitriu, co-founder and CEO of Midokura. “The OpenStack Neutron community is quite fractured because multiple vendors are trying to sell proprietary solutions and thus have little incentive to invest in the default, which remains unfit for production. We decided to resolve the cognitive dissonance by open sourcing MidoNet, and making it a truly community driven project. We are giving the OpenStack community a stable, scalable, easy to deploy and fully open virtual networking solution.”

With today’s announcement, all of the code behind MidoNet is now available under the Apache 2.0 license, letting anyone in the popular and rapidly growing OpenStack community use, distribute and build on the technology, as well as submit back to the project. Midokura is committed to building a non-vendor driven community around the project and has dedicated resources to building and supporting a community of MidoNet users, including new staffing, a website and community infrastructure.

“Many prospective users and early adopters of OpenStack have been challenged by the complexity and difficulty of its Neutron networking technologies,” said Brad Casemore, Research Director, Data Center Networks at IDC. “OpenStack’s networking initiatives generally have been fragmented and have lagged behind other major projects within OpenStack. By open sourcing MidoNet, Midokura is seeking to provide a solution that adheres to the open-source, community-based ethos of OpenStack while also looking to deliver a coherent and cohesive approach to solving the full-stack network challenges that OpenStack presents.”

Top-Tier Companies Support the Open Source Network Virtualization Project

More than 18 top-tier partners are standing behind Midokura to support the open source project, many already working to integrate MidoNet with industry-leading cloud platforms and technologies. These companies include 8×8Bit-isleBroadcomCumulus NetworksEucalyptus SystemsFujtisuiDCFKVHMellanox TechnologiesMirantisNIMBOXXQuanta Cloud Technology (QCT)Red HatSolineaStratoscaleSUSE and Zetta.IO.

Canonical has also joined as a founding member of the MidoNet community, and is working closely with Midokura to bring MidoNet into the Ubuntu OpenStack Interoperability Lab (OIL), which will provide advanced integration testing to MidoNet with OpenStack and the ecosystem around it. As more companies join the community, the MidoNet ecosystem will naturally extend the platform’s reach and core technology capabilities.

About MidoNet
Taking an overlay-based approach to network virtualization, MidoNet sits on top of any IP-connected network, and pushes the network intelligence to the edge of the network, in software. MidoNet makes it possible to build an IaaS cloud with fully virtualized and distributed scale-out L2-L4 networking. By leveraging existing physical infrastructure, MidoNet reduces costs and improves stability, scalability and performance of networks.

Midokura will continue to package and sell an enterprise-class version of the MidoNet technology. Known as Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM), the offering is strengthened with high-quality support and management tools.

Availability and Pricing
MidoNet’s code is generally available today for customers, partners and developers as open source under the Apache 2.0 free software license. For more information, go to

For information on support, services and costs for MEM, contact

Partner Quotes
“We’re excited to see Midokura, an early Cumulus Networks overlay partner, join the community and encourage customers to implement and deploy OpenStack solutions. Open Source overlays like Midonet complement the Cumulus Linux networking OS underlay to enable large scale agile network infrastructure.”
–Nolan Leake, CTO and co-founder, Cumulus Networks

“Midokura is boldly addressing the market need for a production-ready, SDN solution free of vendor lock-in. This is an exciting contribution to the open source community that will accelerate private cloud adoption. We are thrilled to offer Eucalyptus users AWS compatible hybrid cloud solutions with true VPC support, powered by MidoNet.”
– Shashi Mysore, VP Products, Eucalyptus

“We are pleased to have partnered with Midokura, one of the leading network virtualization providers in the world. With the launch of the MidoNet open source project, we can now offer market-leading global solutions to enhance OpenStack-based clouds with network virtualization to meet the needs of cloud customers.”
–Takashi Fujiwara, head of platform software business unit, Fujitsu Limited

“We are committed to open development and recognize the value open MidoNet can add to the OpenStack community. The availability of an open Software Defined Networks package from Midokura that takes advantage of our ConnectX-3 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet NIC with VXLAN offloads will accelerate the adoption and evolution of network virtualization in OpenStack environments.”
–Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing, Mellanox Technologies

“Midokura’s decision to open source MidoNet fits perfectly in the open future that we at Mirantis believe in. This will be the only open solution that is not driven by a hardware networking vendor and we’re excited to be a part of it. We look forward to being an active member of the MidoNet community ongoing.”
–Boris Renski, co-founder and CMO, Mirantis

“This is another testament that the networking industry is embracing open source as the right path forward for network virtualization and SDN. More open source code means more choice for developers and users and is good for the entire industry. We look forward to seeing how OpenDaylight and the MidoNet project can interoperate to benefit users of any size and scale.”
–Neela Jacques, executive director, OpenDaylight Project

“Open source has brought incredible innovation and traction to both compute and storage virtualization technologies, while historically, most of what we’ve seen from the networking space has been proprietary. It is promising that the many benefits of ‘open’ are now being acknowledged by leaders in that space, and by Midokura announcing plans to open source their network virtualization offering, they are helping to enable the truly open software-defined data center.”
–Chris Wright, technical director, SDN and NFV, Red Hat

“We are thrilled that Midokura is releasing the source code for MidoNet, helping users worldwide reach their goals of a production-ready cloud. The move to an open source model levels the playing field for Software-Define Networking, supplying the last piece of the puzzle in the OpenStack ecosystem.”
–Dag Stenstad, CTO, Zetta.IO

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About Midokura 
Founded in 2010, Midokura was an early global leader in network virtualization. The company’s pedigree includes Amazon, Cisco, Google and VMware. With its Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM) solution, Midokura offers the industry a complete overlay technology that integrates with cloud platforms such as OpenStack. A contributor to the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) Project and member of the Open Daylight Project, Midokura has made the source code for MidoNet freely available, delivering the first truly open, vendor-agnostic network virtualization solution available for the OpenStack community.

Midokura has offices in San Francisco, Tokyo and Barcelona, and is on the web at Follow us on Twitter: @midokura

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