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Press Release -- November 27th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei Holds First Latin America Safe City Summit in Mexico City

Exploring the use of innovative ICT to make safe cities smarter

[Mexico City, Mexico, November 27, 2014]: Cities across Latin America are set to become safer and smarter for the benefit of citizens, businesses and local authorities through deploying advanced information and communications technology (ICT). With Modern ICT infrastructure, Latin American cities can become smarter places for people to live and work as residents and metropolitan authorities gain access to updated information for better day-to-day decision-making. Technology also facilitates active prevention, swift processing, and effective investigations of incidents. This was the key focus of Huawei’s First ‘Latin America Safe City Summit’ in Mexico City this week.

Held from November 26th to 27th and themed “Innovative ICT to Make Safe City Smarter”, the Summit gathered industry experts to discuss trends in the security industry and explored different ICT approaches used to support smarter and safer cities. The event gathered 400 attendees including security experts from the Global Security Industry Alliance (GSIA), SAP, Intergraph, Telmex, and Netherlands VCS, and Huawei’s customers from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Central America.

As part of the event, GSIA’s Chairman Richard Chace provided insights on trends in the global security industry. He indicated that security system buildup relies heavily on technology. Carl A. Francis, an officer representing the Ministry of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago shared his experience in applying innovative ICT for enhanced public security. In addition, experts from SAP, Hexagon, and VCS spoke about technologies such as intelligent video analysis, eLTE, centralized command, video cloud, and big data analytics that support smart cities and reduce response time during emergencies.

“With urbanization as a global trend, technology plays an increasingly important role in enhancing the security of metropolitan areas”, said Mr. Xu Mingxu, President of Huawei Enterprise Business in Northern Latin America region at the welcome address. “With more than two decades of experience in ICT, Huawei will work hand in hand with industry partners to build a better connected world and smarter and safer cities in Latin America.”

During a keynote speech titled “Innovative ICT to Make Safe City Smarter”, Mr. Zhang Hongxi, Vice President of Huawei Northern Latin America, said, “A smart and safe city system helps to improve incident prevention, enables efficient processing, supports investigations, and enhances national security.” He added, “With our industry partners, Huawei will offer high-quality ICT solutions that support intelligent situation awareness, seamless coordination and collaboration, and smart decision-making for smarter and safer cities.”

Photo caption: Mr. Zhang Hongxi, Vice President of Huawei’s Northern Latin America Region, delivered a keynote speech at the Summit.

At the summit, Huawei showcased its Safe City Solution that includes sub-solutions such as network access, video linkage, convergent command, intelligent analysis, and video cloud. The solution leverages the Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) 2.0, enterprise Long Term Evolution (eLTE) broadband trunking, and cloud computing technologies to address the needs of the security industry.

Photo caption: Exhibition booth at Huawei’s Latin America Safe City Summit.

Features of Huawei’s Safe City Solution include:

  • Intelligent situation awareness and all-round incident protection: Its HD cameras can automatically generate alarms, while its backend platform supports intelligent analysis.
  • Convergent command and intelligent collaboration: The solution integrates eLTE broadband trunking, IVS, Unified Communications (UC), video conferencing, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) technologies that enables monitoring through real-time video feeds.
  • All-domain sharing and intelligent decision-making: The solution uses cloud computing and big data technologies to enable cross-domain video sharing, and integrates data storage, analysis, archiving, and parallel computing to significantly improve search efficiency.

Through collaborating with global security solutions providers such as GSIA, SAP, Intergraph, Telmex, THALES, and Netherlands VCS, Huawei currently provides customer-centric safe city solutions for more than 60 cities across 30 countries globally. Through its continuous research and development efforts, Huawei is committed to provide advanced ICT solutions for safer and smarter cities.

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