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Press Release -- November 16th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei Enters Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands List

[Shanghai, China, November 14, 2014]: Leading global brand consultancy Interbrand today released its Top 100 Best China Brands list, and at the press conference presented Huawei with a Best Global Brands award. Huawei’s debut on the Best Global Brands list marks the first time a mainland Chinese brand has earned a place on it, 15 years after the list’s inception.

Interbrand’s Global CEO Jez Frampton presented the Best Global Brands award to Huawei’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer William Xu.

Interbrand’s Global CEO Jez Frampton presented the Best Global Brands award to Huawei. He said, “We’ve been waiting many years for a Chinese company to make the list. Congratulations to Huawei on becoming the first Chinese company on the 2014 Top 100 Best Global Brands list”.

Huawei’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer William Xu said, “Huawei’s brand is built on our customers’ success. We believe customer trust is our brand’s foundation. By creating value for our customers and helping them succeed, we have earned their trust. Our brand is the sum of the value that Huawei employees, products, and services create for our customers and partners”.

Interbrand’s Top 100 Best Global Brands list is acclaimed as the barometer by which the world’s most valuable brands are measured. As Interbrand primarily evaluates brands’ global influence, a brand must meet two basic requirements to be eligible for the list: earn at least one third of its profits and win customer recognition from overseas markets. Huawei meets both these requirements, which has enabled the company to lead the global market for many years and become the first mainland Chinese brand on Interbrand’s list.

William Xu noted that for the past 27 years, Huawei has consistently remained customer-centric – meeting customers’ needs, creating customer value, and helping customers achieve success. In the carrier, enterprise, and consumer markets, Huawei has always adopted a customer-centric attitude to keep up with customer demand. It is specifically because of customer centricity that Huawei has won the trust of its global customers. Currently, Huawei provides products, technologies, and solutions to 45 of the world’s top 50 operators. The company is also promoting 4G adoption and leading the effort to set 5G standards in order to increase the speed of the industry’s growth and maturation. The company ranks among the top 3 smartphone manufacturers in terms of sales, with high-spec models such as the P7, Honor 6, and Mate 7 attracting more and more users. In the enterprise market, Huawei is also gaining the trust of an increasing number of partners and customers worldwide.

William Xu noted that Huawei’s brand was built over the course of its global expansion. In its early years, Huawei directly competed with multinationals in its home market. Since then the company has relied on three key factors for survival: long-term R&D investment, continuous technological innovation, and active competition in the global market. At present, Huawei is operating in more than 170 countries and regions, with 65% of its revenue coming from outside China. The company has a global R&D system with 28 joint innovation centers established jointly with customers and 16 research centers making innovative breakthroughs in various technological domains. Over the past decade, the company invested a total of US$25 billion in R&D. Employing 150,000 staff from over 150 countries worldwide, Huawei now serves one third of the world’s population. Through investing in and serving the local communities where it operates, Huawei’s brand has taken root in the global market.

“Only a great vision can build a great brand. Huawei is dedicated to becoming an enabler of digital logistics and building a better connected world in cooperation with industry partners,” said William Xu at the conclusion of his speech. During technology transformations – from telephone switches to broadband networks, from fixed networks to mobile networks, from voice to video, and from devices to clouds – Huawei has consistently made every effort to pursue its vision of becoming an enabler of digital logistics systems. Together with partners, Huawei aims to build a better connected world to provide affordable, ubiquitous broadband connectivity for everyone and boost agile innovations to the next level. Leveraging advanced ICT technologies, Huawei is committed to driving social progress and building a better connected world that delivers full connectivity between people and people, between people and things, and between things and things.

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