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Press Release -- October 19th, 2014
Source: Verizon

Fleet Management Solution Helps Cops Catch Criminal Red-handed

Learn how police used GPS-based telematics to track and capture a vehicle thief in the act and other benefits of Networkfleet technology

by Maria Montenegro

Fleet management solutions are proving their worth many times over. Case in point, the Sacramento Bee recently published an article describing the swift recovery of a government vehicle that was stolen from a parking lot in Northern California. About an hour after it was reported missing, state police found the vehicle and caught the suspect red-handed.

How was the stolen truck found so quickly? It turns out that the truck was outfitted with Verizon Enterprise SolutionsNetworkfleet technology — GPS-based telematics that communicates a plethora of data to a remote computer. Networkfleet eliminates the manual logs drivers have been filing for decades and allows organizations to not only monitor fleet activity, but also analyze the data for actionable adjustments in near real time.

In addition to helping assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles, fleet management telematics allows businesses to:

  • Save fuel cost by tracking vehicle speed and idle time and regulating accordingly
  • Quickly identify potential vehicle problems that could sideline a vehicle mid-transport
  • Track transit paths and vehicles remotely using smartphones or tablets
  • Manage route path, which helps control labor costs by ensuring that drivers are taking the fastest or shortest route possible
  • Monitor vehicle emissions, helping businesses achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals

To learn how fleet management solutions can improve your business, visit Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Networkfleet information center.

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