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Press Release -- September 10th, 2014
Source: Verizon

Verizon Global Wholesale Adds Content Delivery Network to Its Advanced Services Portfolio

Offering enables carriers to boost website performance and create new revenue streams

by Kevin W. Irland

Verizon Global Wholesale is expanding its portfolio of advanced IT and communications services with the addition of a content delivery network powered by Verizon Digital Media Services.

The new service – Verizon EdgeCast Content Delivery Network – will help carriers, Internet service providers and other Verizon Global Wholesale clients deploy robust websites, create powerful e-commerce capabilities, and deliver multi-media content to end users.

The Verizon EdgeCast Content Delivery Network uses geographically distributed servers to enable the quick and efficient loading and distribution of content. The service also features route optimization technologies that select the optimal delivery path for client content, whether it be a Web page, online transaction, video, game or software application. Specialized e-commerce and Web acceleration options are available to meet unique online requirements, as well as enhance website performance and improve the customer experience.

  • Commerce Solution: Designed specifically for online retailers, this purpose-built network distributes content and enables transactions – quickly and securely. Scalable to meet seasonal demand, the commerce solution includes robust security features and is designed to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements.
  • Web Acceleration Solution: Improves the performance of websites and online applications by accelerating the delivery of content to help reduce end-user frustration with slow-loading pages. A variety of change-management tools are available that enable site administrators to modify website setting to boost overall performance.

“Websites are the virtual front door of a business and first impressions matter,” said Eric Cevis, president of Verizon Global Wholesale. “The addition of a content delivery network to our portfolio is another way we can meet the requirements of our carrier clients and enable them to deploy powerful websites to boost their customer-facing image and create new online sales channels through the enablement of e-commerce functionality.”

The following video showcases the key features and benefits of the Verizon EdgeCast Content Delivery Network.

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