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Press Release -- September 4th, 2014
Source: Sprint Nextel

Taking the guess work out and bringing revenue in: Sprint and C&C

“No assumptions allowed” could be the motto of C&C Group, a leading Midwest facilities provider based in Lenexa, Kan.

The key segment of the company relies on a fleet of 75 trucks and service vans that cover several Midwest states, providing security and building automation systems, fire protection and other facility services to businesses. There can be no guessing when it comes to vehicle location, driver behaviors and fleet maintenance.

C&C ended the assuming a year ago when they took the recommendation of Sprint Business sales account executive Candice Cooper to try the Geotab fleet management solution and install six Geotab plug-and-play devices in those service vehicles.

“We saw an immediate cost savings and efficiencies with our fleet,” said Doug Straub, C&C service manager. “There was much less wasted idling, our engine diagnostics improved, and our drivers began exhibiting safer habits and buckling up seatbelts.”

Since installing Geotab devices in all of its vehicles in the fall of 2013, C&C estimates it will save nearly 2,000 gallons of gas annually. That’s needed relief for the company’s bottom line and for the air everyone breathes.

“We love the cost savings, no doubt, but using this Geotab fleet tracker suggested by Sprint also removes 23,000 pounds of CO2 from the air annually so we improve our carbon footprint as well,” said Chad Cillessen, C&C chief information officer. “Thanks for helping us save money and the environment!”

Cillessen also said tracking devices have also positively impacted the morale of many of the C&C drivers.

“The Geotab devices have helped engage the team,” he said. “From our data they see that some were idling too much and have put a stop to it. They also like that we have less down time waiting to be dispatched to a new site. They feel more involved now.”

Like C&C, Sprint also is serious about reducing its impact on global climate change. Sprint has set aggressive climate change goals and received the 2014 Climate Leadership Award in the Organizational Leadership category by the EPA for its comprehensive greenhouse gas strategies.

Cooper has had the C&C account for two years. In addition to improving C&C’s productivity with Geotab fleet solutions, she has made employees work more efficiently with 129 Sprint mobile phones (mostly Samsung Galaxy S5s and iPhones) and 57 hotspots for the 135-employee business.

“C&C is a good example of exemplifying the new Sprint Business brand,” Cooper said. “Our Geotab solutions and Sprint hotspots and phones help Doug, Chad and all C&C managers remove obstacles and make the business more successful. Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

That … and erasing cost-draining assumptions.

If you want to learn how Cooper can make your small or midsized business more successful, contact her or 913-439-4294.

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