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Press Release -- September 30th, 2014
Source: Verizon

Meet Adam Famularo, Verizon’s New VP of Global Channels

Verizon sat down with Famularo to get to know him better and to learn about his plans are for the channel.

by Janet Brumfield

Adam Famularo recently joined Verizon Enterprise Solutions as the new vice president of Global Channels. Verizon sat down with Adam to get to know him better and to learn about his plans are for the channel.

Verizon: What attracted you to Verizon?

Famularo: I believe there is a massive opportunity at Verizon to change the way IT is delivered. I grew up in the software industry, where we always talk about selling solutions. The fact that Verizon truly sells solutions into the marketplace — software, hardware, IT services and network — in a way that makes sense for IT very much appeals to me. Not to mention that Verizon is one of the best tech brands out there.

Why do you like working in the Channel?

I chose to work in the channel about 16 years ago when I first started my career in sales. The ability to work with a partner to create a true solution in the market place is very exciting to me.

What is your vision for the Verizon channel?

Clearly, it’s still being worked out but here’s what I have my head around right now. We need to build a channel that complements our customer segmentation strategy and our solutions areas. When I look at building channels, I look at how our customers like to buy by segment and product. I’m working on this now. Then I’ll be able to build the right partnerships to satisfy the demand from customers.

A bit of the how… We will be exploring alliances, SI relationships, VAR, federal partners, and local partners by geo, like Europe, Brazil and Japan, for example. Partners differ by geography so I plan to work with the various teams to build our partner ecosystem to broaden our solutions that we bring to market.

How will your focus complement Verizon’s current channel initiative?

What Verizon has already built is very good. I’m not looking to strip it down or to rebuild. Our five-star Verizon Partner Program (VPP) is an excellent foundation to build from. The plan is take this program to the next level by embracing the same spirit and agenda. I am working closely with Janet’s (Schijns) team, who will be focused on continuing to drive the support and marketing for the channel. Our goal is to build a significant channel business together.

How does working with the Channel differ from working with the direct salesforce?

First and foremost we need to treat the channel as being a part of our direct salesforce. We train the sales team, and we should also train our partners. My vision is for our partner ecosystem to become an extension of Verizon. So, for example, our channel partners can help us to roll out new products or promote a specific product campaign. I need partners ready to learn our processes, systems, products and to build a real business plan for us to execute in the market.

If you had to offer advice to a channel partner, what would that be?

My greatest advice to a channel partner is to look at their customer base and understand them and to figure out the best vendors to work with to meet their customers’ needs. I think it’s best when the channel goes all in with a few partners instead of a broad range. And, all parties need to go all in. There’s a lot of commitment to be had by both sides. My strongest desire is that they make the right bet to partner with Verizon in the channel.

What stands out in the channel space as a unique opportunity?

That’s hard to say. Cloud is one of the biggest; everyone is interested in knowing how to deliver cloud-based services to customers. Verizon Enterprise Solutions has one of the best offerings in the industry. Another one that pops up is security; what are the solutions that partners need so they deliver true security solutions to their customers. Contact center and communication solutions is a big opportunity for us that will be actualized by pulling together key partners and real solutions. Networking is also huge and where we do well today.

Can you describe your business style?

I have a very open, transparent style. I am big on learning and the best way for me to learn is to be open with my thoughts and listen to other opinions and then refine my thoughts. I’m also big on building and developing teams. It’s important to nurture and grow into a great team and this helps everyone meet their career goals and the organization’s goals. I’m all about results by setting and attaining goals while also continuing to develop and learn.

Do you have a business “mantra” that you live by?

Yes, it’s a mantra developed by Zig Ziglar, my abridged version — if you help enough people to get what they want in the world, then you will ultimately get what you want. It is all about helping others first without thinking of yourself. This mantra has worked very well for me in both my professional and personal life.

Biggest keys to success in business?

I see two keys to success in business — setting a clear vision of where you are going; and building and developing the best people around you that are motivated and inspired to get there. Enjoy the successes as you go and learn from the failures.

Now for some easier questions. What is the last movie you saw?

“Frozen” with my three girls, it has been on replay in my house through the summer. I need some help

What are your favorite sport(s)?

I like watching baseball and football on television, and I love to play golf. I also love to collect wine but I don’t think that’s a sport. (Laughs)

What inspires you?

My family is first; my wife and three daughters they inspire me every day. This is core to who I am. I grew up by being inspired by my entrepreneurial father and my mother, who was an educator. I believe that is why I thrive on education while enjoy building and developing new businesses.

Adam Famularo is vice president, Global Channel at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, responsible for overseeing Verizon’s indirect enterprise distribution channels — partners, value-added resellers and systems integrators — across the U.S., EMEA, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. Adam will be focused on driving customer growth through best-in-class engagement of the enterprise channel. Adam brings more than 16 years of leadership experience in sales, channels and general management with CA Technologies.

Adam is a graduate of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School and holds a masters of business administration from Dowling College and a bachelor of science in Business Economics from the State University of New York College at Oneonta.

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