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Press Release -- July 8th, 2014
Source: Perseus Telecom

Cellbroker and Solution Tech Choose Perseus LiquidPath

7,000 Traders access BM&FBovespa from one location through LiquidPath® on the Tryd Trading Platform

Sao Paulo, Brazil – 8 July, 2014 – Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of high-speed global connectivity, High Precision Time™ and Market-to-Market networks announced today SolutionTech and Cellbroker’s Tryd Trading Platform exclusively relies on LiquidPath®, the Perseus fully managed services solution for speed, reliability, infrastructure, exchange connectivity and global network access.

The Tryd Trading Platform, a joint venture of CellBroker and SolutionTech, allows thousands of traders fastest execution, order routing and market data all on the Perseus ultra-fast high precision network.

“The Tryd Platform, when operating on the Direct Market Access model, handles Exchange services with the lowest latency possible. We physically host solutions very close to the BM&F Bovespa matching engine which greatly reduces the latency when receiving market data and when executing orders. Perseus LiquidPath® enables our business to function efficiently, faster than ever and with the strongest support available at all times.” says Paulo Bandeira, Director Comercial da CELLBROKER.

“The Tryd Platform fully utilizes LiquidPath´s trading building blocks allowing ultra-low latency and high process performance. This is possible through our specialized infrastructure for high-speed and large capacity data transmission, typically in 30μs network round trip time,” says Marcos Guimaraes, President of Perseus LATAM.

“LiquidPath® by Perseus also guarantees high service availability due to dual access to BMFBovespa´s main data center and colocation sites with distinct ultra-low latency approaches.”

The Tryd Trading Platform has full redundancy and protection with LiquidPath® to include: Internet links, network components, servers, power, cooling and connection to BM&FBovespa. LiquidPath® ensures security, high reliability and certainty of Business continuity. Tryd is connected to BM&FBOVESPA via 2 links with CT1, Exchange main site, and 1 with CT2 in Alphaville(RCB Model 4).

About Perseus 

Perseus is a private global high precision network provider for financial trading, gaming, e-commerce and multi- media. Customers include top tier market makers, banks, exchanges and Fortune500 companies. The company is headquartered in New York with offices in Chicago, Dublin, London, Miami, São Paulo and San Francisco.

Perseus provides many of the world’s fastest market-to-market routes (all asset class including Bitcoin) between Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, São Paulo, Mexico City, Tokyo, Singapore, Johannesburg. The company has earned accolades for the fastest trans-Atlantic route between New York and London (QuanTA™), the lowest latency route between Brazil and USA (LiquidPath®®) and High Precision Time™. Perseus accepts Bitcoin for payment of services with GoCoin.

For more information:

Contact: Karen Bertoli, Chief Marketing Officer, +1 (305) 849.1429


About SolutionTech and Cellbroker

Over 14 years developing and providing trading solutions to the financial market. Throughout these years we have developed solutions that allow instant access to BM&FBOVESPA capable of sending orders and the management of the entire trading process. We provide state of the art solutions with a differentiated model, implemented on an order routing structure / OMS with an open API based on the FIX protocol. Through this open structure, institutions may receive orders from any certified partner using several available technologies. By using our open standard platform Brokerage houses have a wider range of solutions available to offer to their customers and consequently increasing their business with higher customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Our team consists of professionals that bring together expertise in the financial market, knowledge of IT, electronic trading and FIX Protocol. Our goal is to obtain maximum quality through robust, stable, scalable, customizable and high performance solutions. In August of 2012 SolutionTech acquired 44% of Cellbroker.

For more information:


Karen Bertoli

Perseus Telecom

Chief Marketing Officer

41 Lothbury Bank, London EC2R 7HG

Telephone: +1 (305) 849 1429

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