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Press Release -- June 6th, 2014
Source: Sprint Nextel

A-Tow Gives Sprint and Actsoft an A + on Fleet Management Solutions

Page Porter knew that to win in the ultra-competitive Atlanta towing wars, it would take technology and innovation not to be left on the side of the road.

Porter, CEO of A-Tow Inc., relies on Actsoft Comet Fleet and Actsoft Wireless Forms to keep her drivers and 44 tow trucks operating as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

“Overly aggressive accelerations by drivers were burning out expensive engine parts, and wasted fuel from idling was straining my bottom line,” Porter said. “We began using Actsoft’s Comet Fleet and saw an immediate 10 to 15 percent cost savings.”

Actsoft Comet Fleet allows supervisors to see where their drivers are in real time and how they’re driving, making for a better dispatch and a reduction in excessive idling while helping keep the drivers on task, on time and safe.

Both Actsoft Comet Fleet and Actsoft Wireless Forms were suggested to Porter in 2012 by Sprint business sales reps in Atlanta. Sprint teams with the Tampa-Based Actsoft to provide a plethora of business productivity and GPS tools to make companies more mobile and efficient.

“Before the Actsoft Wireless Forms, time sheet reporting, truck inspections and invoicing was a burden on our drivers and our home office employees,” Porter said. “Today, it’s easy. Decisions are made on the spot, and, most importantly, our reporting and billing is now super accurate.”

Not too many years ago, one pictured a tow truck dashboard covered with carbon paper pads and invoices. A-Tow drivers today are prideful of their clean, high-tech truck interiors, thanks to Sprint, whose wireless networks carry the data on the two Actsoft solutions.

“We’ve saved more than tens of thousands of dollars over the years in fuel and invoice expenses with these two solutions,” Porter estimated.

Porter, buoyed by initial success with Sprint and Actsoft, created her own tow truck software called TOWED that integrates wireless credit card processing. TOWED software tells car owners where their towed vehicle was placed, saving the owner from phones calls and trips to various tow lots to find it.

Charles Davidson, Sprint General Business branch manager, who has been involved in the A-Tow account for three years, says Porter’s forward-thinking spirit keeps her company ahead of others that are vying for Atlanta’s major tow contracts.

“Page understands and appreciates technology and innovation,” Davidson said. “And we’re privileged to think of ourselves as her business partner. When A-Tow wins, so does Sprint and Actsoft.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Sprint and Actsoft can help you manage your fleet and mobile worker solutions more efficiently and less expensively, contact Darlene Combs, Sprint account executive, at

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