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Press Release -- May 26th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei Hosts 2nd Annual Global Financial Services Summit

ICT Innovation Brings Financial Services to Your Fingertips

[Shanghai, China, May 23, 2014]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, hosted the second annual Global Financial Services (FSI) Summit in Shanghai today. Under the theme “ICT Innovation Brings Financial Services to Your Fingertips”, more than 300 guests from global financial institutions, consultancies and Internet companies discussed the future of financial services in the digital age.

During the welcome address, Guangping Zhang, Vice Bureau Chief, Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau, said that “In 2014, China’s economy and financial industry has become more open and is experiencing significant transformations. While information technology has always played an important role in business innovation and management for the financial industry, it has now become an important force to promote transformation and development. Information Technology allows financial service providers to offer more efficient and customized products and services to its customers.”

“The mobile Internet era is opening up new opportunities for the financial industry as customers today tend to enjoy online financial services via social networking services and e-commerce. The millennials, in particular, are coming to expect more personalized and ‘cooler’ financial services and experiences. In this ever-evolving competitive landscape, traditional banks must leverage ICT to offer a more innovative, as well as a more secure, operating environment for their customers,” said Weiming Liu, Vice President, Global Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, during his keynote speech.

Photo Caption: Weiming Liu, Vice President, Global Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, emphasized during his keynote speech that traditional banks must leverage ICT to offer better services for their customers.

Speaking at the summit, Melissa Wong, Head of e-Banking Department, Standard Chartered, said: “In the digital age, wealth management requires innovative ICT technologies. There is an urgent need to leverage ICT technologies, such as video collaboration, smart devices, big data analytics, and speech and biological recognition to build an intelligent service channel system that delivers a consistent and continuous online and offline service experience.”

During the summit, Huawei demonstrated its suite of financial ICT solutions and showcased community banking, mobile marketing, and remote banking solutions, as well as big data platforms.

Innovative service channel solutions

Huawei provides ubiquitous and intelligent omni-channel services to help banks enhance customer experience and loyalty. Huawei’s virtual teller machine (VTM) and remote banking solutions help bank customers avoid long lines by using video and remote collaboration technologies. Services such as the issuing of debit cards, which is traditionally only available at branches can also be offered through VTMs. The solution has been successfully implemented by the Bank of China, the China Construction Bank, and the UBank of South Africa.

Agile infrastructure

Huawei offers financial institutions an agile and open IT architecture to support their business innovation and development. Huawei’s product offerings include X89 servers, which hold more than 100 world records in performance; big data storage products that hold the Input/Output performance record; and is considered one of the world’s fastest all-in-one machines. Huawei has successfully built big data platforms for ICBC and China Merchants Bank.

Secure production and operation

Huawei strives to ensure secure production and operation for financial customers by enhancing their ICT operations, including equipment room infrastructure, network, security, computing, and storage. Huawei deployed its 10 petabyte capacity network attached storage solution for the Agricultural Bank of China, enabling 36 of the bank’s branches to have an advanced check imaging system that can support its next five years of business development.

Photo Caption 2: Huawei showcases its virtual teller machine (VTM) and remote banking solutions at the Financial Services Summit.

At the FSI Summit, Huawei welcomed experts from prominent banks, including Standard Chartered, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Bank of Communications, and China Everbright Bank, as well as experts from top consultancies and Internet companies such as Ernst & Young and Alibaba.

Huawei’s financial products and solutions have been successfully applied in over 200 financial institutions around the world and its partners include BTGS, Vodafone, Telefonica, PCCW, DCITS, Sunyard, Kingdom, Hundsun Electronics, and China Data Group.

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