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Press Release -- March 7th, 2014
Source: Verizon

Do Siki Giunta and Eddie Schwartz Matter?

If your company cares about accessing a global cloud infrastructure to support your mission-critical data, and demands enterprise-grade security to protect your assets, Siki Giunta and Eddie Schwartz matter. That’s why Verizon is augmenting its senior leadership roster with luminaries in the fields of Cloud and Cyber Security.

This week, when Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam was asked about future growth, he said, “The cloud, security and machine-to-machine are expanding nicely. . .

So the cloud, security and M2M matter to the future of Verizon . . . because they matter to our customers. If you haven’t considered how these technologies can transform your business now and in the future, it’s time. Simply put, expertise and enterprise-grade offerings in the Cloud and managed security are quickly becoming table stakes for global brands that require not only global network connectivity . . . but also scalable levels of security to protect their data and customers . . . and computing and storage capabilities that meet global workforce and customer needs.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ president John Stratton is making big bets in these areas. By recruiting two industry stars to the VES leadership team, Stratton has underscored the importance of ensuring enterprise-class Cloud and Managed Security offerings are available for the world’s largest companies, whether they’re based in the U.S., Europe, the Asia-Pacific region or Latin America.

Today, Stratton announced that Siki Giunta has joined his executive leadership team; she will be responsible for Verizon’s end-to-end global cloud ecosystem, as well as technology convergence and connected solutions. Her team supports existing clients through the company’s international network of cloud and data center facilities, while leading tech engineers support Verizon Cloud, now in a paid beta, in preparation for market launch. With more than 20 years in the industry, Siki most recently led CSC’s global cloud business, and has been CEO of both Fortisphere and Managed Objects. She’s also been on the leadership teams of Novell, OS/390, CA and Synapse Corp.

And in November, Eddie Schwartz joined VES from RSA – the security division of EMC – where he was CISO. Eddie’s 25 years in the security arena will be put to good use, as he is now overseeing Verizon’s industry-leading managed security services practice and world-class cyberforensics investigation and global consulting teams, which put out the company’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report and Payment Card Industry report. At the recent RSA Security Conference, Eddie and his team announced formation of the Verizon Cyber Intelligence Center or VCIC, heralding Verizon’s ability to leverage the power of advanced managed security services and targeted enterprise consulting with the unique situational awareness gleaned from the rich information from Verizon’s global IP networks. Eddie serves as industry chair of ISACA’s Global Cyber Security Task Force.

Together with platform assets on the mobility front, the Cloud and Security practices are key for many of the world’s leading brands as they connect their employees, customers, vendors and partners with each other using Verizon’s global IP backbone network – the largest of its type in the world. Verizon has always long made sense for the excellence of its global IP, tertiary and wireless networks. Now, with leading Cloud and Security capabilities, Verizon has expanded its offer to the global enterprise market.

Siki Giunta and Eddie Schwartz are part-and-parcel to the depth of expertise global brands require. If your company cares about the Cloud and Security, Siki and Eddie matter to you.

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