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Press Release -- February 11th, 2014
Source: US Signal

US Signal Introduces Cloud Kiosk

Date: February 11, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – US Signal, a leading Midwest provider of enterprise-level network services and cloud hosting, announces the introduction of its Cloud KioskSM service, a convenient and cost-effective approach to uploading large volumes of data to the cloud.

A critical ongoing challenge in cloud computing is safely and efficiently processing all of an organization’s necessary data into the cloud in a timely fashion with minimal disruptions to day-to-day operations.   Uploading data on even high-speed Internet connections can take several days or longer depending on a connection’s latency (lag time), available bandwidth and other factors.

Cloud Kiosk gives customers the opportunity to bring their hard drives, servers or other storage devices directly to a US Signal data center.  Once on-site, they are able to utilize the Cloud Kiosk’s low-latency, unmetered access point through a dedicated Internet or MPLS VPN Gigabit Ethernet connection and a fully secured cabinet to push their data quickly and easily up to US Signal’s Cloud Hosting platform.  The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year to allow for data transfer with minimal operational disruption for a customer during the upload.

“Migrating data can take several days or even weeks, depending on connectivity and distance. We’ve been in the data networking business a long time and thought, ‘why not just let our customers bring their data right to our numerous connected data centers within our Midwest fiber footprint?’” said Matt VanderZwaag, Director of Product Development. “So that’s what we did.  Cloud Kiosk is also an outstanding option for business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of a power outage, allowing companies to get their critical data up and accessible within hours.”

The approach totally eliminates the need to connect to the cloud via unpredictable external WAN or Internet connections. With Cloud Kiosk, data latency rates are reduced from 15-35 milliseconds to 1-2 milliseconds.

In addition to a nominal setup fee, Cloud Kiosk services are purchased by the hour. While the Cloud Kiosk is in use, the US Signal Network Operation Center (NOC) provides support and records all activity, offering the highest levels of security, including 24/7 video monitoring capabilities.

“In addition to saving time, Cloud Kiosk is a great option for customers who want the ultimate peace of mind,” added VanderZwaag. “Badge-only access, persistent camera surveillance, and environmental control monitoring allows them to remotely administer their data transfer while feeling confident that their data is fully protected.”

The first Cloud Kiosk was established in the company’s Madison, Wisc. data center, and two additional sites are currently being completed in the Grand Rapids, Mich. area.  US Signal expects to implement additional sites throughout the Midwest, including feature-rich dedicated Cloud Kiosk Rooms within the company’s existing data center sites.

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