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Press Release -- February 27th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei Traffic Monetization Solution Helps China Mobile (Zhejiang) Rank High in Terms of Data Revenue

[Shenzhen, China, February 27, 2014]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has been working closely with Zhejiang Mobile in the last three years, using its customer lifecycle Value Growth Solution(VGS),which is the Kernel of Huawei Traffic Monetization Solution´╝î to help the latter implement traffic monetization. As a result, Zhejiang Mobile’s data service revenue ranked high compared with other carriers. In 2013, the average daily traffic volume increased by 160% year on year. The percentage of 3G users and traffic per user also improved. Active 3G users quadrupled and traffic consumption per user ranked NO.1 in China. Consumers’ data consumption desire is being released and there is a promising future for the market.

Improving User Experience

Back in 2011, Zhejiang Mobile was as confused as other carriers. All its index in user activeness, traffic per user, 3G penetrations, and the success rate for Internet access were to be improved. Huawei and Zhejiang Mobile jointly conducted a survey and finally decided to build a “perception-free network” to optimize user access and network experience. Through access point name (APN) integration, Transmission Control Protocol optimization, and signal optimization in busy areas in peak hours, user perception of network quality improved significantly, promoting the consumption of nearly 10,000G of data each month.

Promoting “Transparent Consumption”

Since some users refuse to surf the Internet too much for fear of exceeding the traffic threshold stipulated in the package, Huawei and Zhejiang Mobile set “transparent consumption” as another important objective. As the kernel of Huawei Traffic Monetization Solution, VGS’s welcome web page and toolbar support various traffic notification services to ensure users have a real-time understanding of their traffic consumption, as well as one-click online subscription to ensure service continuity. With these measures, users whose traffic consumption reaches 150% of the package threshold became more active.

Big Data + inline Targeted Marketing

All domestic carriers face the dilemma of descending traffic price, so how to ensure sustainable revenue increase is a big challenge. Huawei and Zhejiang Mobile employed big data analytics and inline marketing to conduct precise marketing directed towards specific customer requirements. Inline marketing realized accurate recommendation and greatly improved the success rate of user conversion and Average Revenue Per User Meanwhile, the page view (PV) and re-click of marketing services multiplied, attracting many OTT players to conduct backward cooperation with Zhejiang Mobile.

Developing a Variety of Packages

Huawei developed several traffic packages for Zhejiang Mobile to suit different customer needs. The “unlimited” night traffic package took full advantage of idle network resources at night, attracting a quarter of subscriber base and greatly increasing the data revenue for Zhejiang Mobile.

After three years of refined operation, Zhejiang Mobile’s subscriber base and traffic consumption volume increased significantly, making the company a model for other branches of China Mobile.

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