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Press Release -- January 28th, 2014
Source: Navisite

In Head-to-Head Competition, NaviSite’s NaviCloud and NaviCloud Director Performs Better than Amazon Web Services and Rackspace


NaviSite, Inc., a Time Warner Cable Company and premier provider of enterprise-class managed cloud services, hosting, managed applications and managed messaging, today announced the publication featuring the results of a competitive review of NaviCloud and NaviCloud Director against Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace PublicCloud. The results are designed to understand how identical configurations and workloads perform within each environment.

In limited load conditions, all instances performed similarly. However, as soon as the number of simultaneous users increased, the systems were stressed, similar to what would be experienced in a real-life scenario, during peak shopping times. As the virtual users increased, transaction wait time and failures increased at a rapid pace.

NaviCloud and NaviCloud Director’s performance metrics were better than Rackspace and AWS in all tests. Rackspace performed better overall than AWS in most of the tests. The performance differences between the tests are likely due to differences in how heavily subscribed a cloud providers system is and the actual performance of the hardware powering the IaaS environment. Newer, state of the art CPU’s, RAM and disk will have more performance and efficiency than hardware just a few years older.

“We know that nearly every company in the world is evaluating or deploying cloud solutions, but since cloud computing is still an emerging technology, it can be difficult to get actual performance results before you make the significant investment,” said Chris Patterson, VP of product management for NaviSite. “We thank Rick for conducting this study on our behalf so that businesses get better insight into a handful of service providers, and we’re really pleased that NaviSite came out on top. Our NaviCloud and NaviCloud Director platforms offer product-ready, secure, managed cloud computing infrastructures that help reduce IT costs, and we’re glad to see how we’re stacking up in the market.”

“Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important part of any IT organization’s delivery model, so understanding the costs and ROI associated with deploying a solution is important to any business,” said Rick Blaisdell. “With this analysis, hopefully companies looking at cloud providers have a better understanding to get them started.”

Navisite commissioned the study and compensated Mr. Blaisdell for his time, but the report and the results therein reflect Mr. Blaisdell’s independent testing and analysis and are solely Mr. Blaisdell’s work product.

To see the full report commissioned by TWCBC by Rick Blaisdell, visit Rick’s Cloud.

About NaviSite

NaviSite, Inc., a Time Warner Cable Company, is a leading international provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services. NaviSite provides a full suite of reliable and scalable managed services, including Application Services, industry-leading Enterprise Hosting, and Managed Cloud Services for organizations looking to outsource IT infrastructures and helps lower their capital and operational costs. Enterprise customers depend on NaviSite for customized solutions, delivered through a global footprint of state-of-the-art data centers. For more information about NaviSite’s services, please visit

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