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Press Release -- October 8th, 2013
Source: Verizon

What’s behind Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage?

Verizon and AMD Team Make Strides in Disaggregated Computing

by Maria Rodriguez

Last week, Verizon announced the launch of Verizon Cloud beta – a new cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform and cloud-based object storage service. This new cloud was built from the ground up and is fundamentally different to everything else in the market. One of these key differences lays in the hardware that enables it. Verizon and AMD co-developed hardware and software on fabric-based SeaMicro SM15000™ servers, a programmable server hardware.

AMD’s SeaMicro serves as the backbone to Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage, allowing Verizon to take advantage of the high bandwidth, low latency programmable interconnect fabric, programmable data and control plan for network and storage traffic. To make this happen, Verizon wrote unique software that runs on AMD’s fabric-based servers, creating a new platform with added capabilities, including:

  • Virtual machine server provisioning in seconds, a fraction of the time of a legacy public cloud
  • Fine-grained server configuration options that match real life requirements, not just small, medium, large sizing, including processor speed (500 MHz to 2,000 MHz) and DRAM (.5 GB increment) options
  • Shared disks across multiple server instances allowing for clustered applications in the cloud
  • Defined Storage quality of service by specifying performance up to 5,000 IOPS to meet the demands of the application being deployed, compared to best-effort performance;
  • Defined Network quality of service allowing the user to specify in 10 Mbps increments their virtual machine network performance.
  • Consistent network security policies and procedures across the enterprise network and the public cloud
  • True support for hybrid cloud by allowing the user to burst workloads from an on premise data center into the cloud without modifying networking scheme and management.
  • Strict traffic isolation, data encryption, and data inspection with full featured firewalls that achieve Department of Defense and PCI compliance levels
  • Reserved network performance for every virtual machine up to 500 Mbps

These added capabilities will allow more enterprises to deploy critical applications in cloud environments and provide the scale to realize the flexibility, speed and value benefits only Verizon Cloud can offer. To become a beta customer, click here.

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