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Press Release -- October 22nd, 2013
Source: Verizon

Key Features of Verizon Cloud Storage

Learn What Makes Verizon Cloud Storage A Forward-thinking Object Storage Model

by Maria Rodriguez

Verizon recently announced the launch of its object storage solution, Verizon Cloud Storage. It is an object storage designed to help organizations deal with the challenges of working with large volumes of unstructured information by efficiently storing data in the cloud. Much of the data and content distribution sites we know and trust are adopting this technology because it is perfect for sharing large files and high-resolution images. There are a few key features of Verizon Cloud Storage that address specific needs of both large and small companies and organizations.

  1. Predictable Durability
    When data objects enter one of Verizon’s data centers, it is split into thousands of smaller objects and spread across many disks. The data spreading creates a high level of redundancy enabling it to withstand simultaneous failure on multiple disks without losing the information. In the future, our technology will allow businesses to choose to spread those disks across multiple geographically disparate data centers, not only creating a highly redundant solution but also creating one that is site-disaster tolerant, allowing for a highly-durable and predictable storage model.
  2. Adaptable Platform
    Verizon Storage has the flexibility to adapt as technology changes, enabling our model to keep pace with the latest technology. Unlike some infrastructures that are modelled around static hardware configurations, our storage algorithmic is built into the software itself. Through this model, we can align the software with virtually any hardware and apply the same policies and levels of redundancy.
  3. Ultra-Secure Environment
    Verizon Cloud Storage was designed with some of the most advanced security features in mind. Our storage platforms are built in secure data centers around the world. Users can implement their own corporate Identity & Access Management (IAM) system and Identity Provider (IDP) in the cloud, without having to administer yet another set of identities and authentication policies. Additionally, whether the data received is encrypted by the source or not, all data is automatically encrypted at rest and in transit in Verizon Storage by default to provide protection at all times.

Object storage is changing the ways organizations think about, store, and consume data, from the infrastructure used to the way it is secured. Verizon Cloud Storage not only brings advanced capabilities for durability, adaptability, and security as a standalone service, but it can also work as a layered service with public or private clouds, network and security services.

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