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Press Release -- October 22nd, 2013
Source: Huawei

Huawei Showcases Ultra-Broadband Capabilities at Broadband World Forum 2013

[Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 22, 2013]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, launched a series of broadband solutions, products and services at the Broadband World Forum (BBWF) 2013. Under the theme of “BOOST, Unleash the Power of Ultra-Broadband”, Huawei demonstrated its strong capabilities in ultra-broadband technologies that will help its carrier customers realize current and long-term network evolution and achieve greater business success in the new ultra-broadband era.

In the 21st century, the ever-evolving modes of communications have led to the prevalence of broadband services around the world. The high volume of online video services and popularity of social media are evidence that broadband has permeated people’s daily lives, which has led to a shift in behavioral patterns and habits.

More and more telecom operators have realized the importance of ultra-broadband for their survival in today’s highly competitive market. The introduction of on-demand network construction and fixed broadband business models allow for win-win collaborations with over-the-top players and substantial improvement to carriers’ return on investment in the ultra-broadband business. Therefore, global carriers have already started to more rapidly build their ultra-broadband networks, indicating the arrival of a new ultra-broadband era.

“Broadband infrastructure is ‘Industry of Industry’. But now, we have observed sluggish investments in broadband networks,” said Jeffrey Gao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Huawei Western Europe Region. “While we believe that the government plays an important part in promoting investments in broadband network infrastructure, we also think the market needs a ‘BOOST’ from a business perspective. To this end, Huawei developed the business opportunities oriented solutions and tactics, or BOOST, to help carriers effectively address the opportunities and challenges in the ultra-broadband era.”

Moving forward, Huawei is committed to being a key strategic partner for its customers in the broadband market. Building on its extensive experience and expertise in the telecommunications industry, Huawei introduced the BOOST solution to unleash the potential of ultra-broadband which aims to help customers achieve business success, and more importantly, further enhancing the social and economic value of broadband. BOOST is built around four basic elements: Engage, Broadband Salami, On-demand, Synergy, and is also based on the core concept of Internetized ecosystem supported by the future network evolution.

To support the future evolution of networks, Huawei, under its SoftCOM vision, will continue to collaborate with the world’s leading carriers to conduct commercial exploration and drive technological innovation, redefining the carriers’ operational models as well as monetizing the value of their networks. The new operational model is end-user centric and is able to simultaneously support a large number of online user activities and customized services. Through open application platform interfaces, carriers can also develop various IT and CT applications and build an intelligent web-based service distribution system that can provide online self-service suggestions to customers through big data analysis, further optimizing users’ online experience.

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