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Press Release -- October 3rd, 2013
Source: EdgeCast Networks

EdgeCast Launches World’s Fastest DNS Service

New offering delivers best overall performance, industry leading features, and aggressive pricing to the DNS space

SANTA MONICA, CA – OCTOBER 3, 2013 – EdgeCast Networks today announced EdgeCast Route, the company’s new globally distributed DNS (Domain Name System) service.

DNS is required to ensure that a web site is available to end users, yet it is often neglected, under-prioritized, or deployed on old and insecure infrastructure.  This means that many online enterprises are at risk for degraded performance, malicious attacks, or worse – being unreachable via their domain names.

After an extensive review of the existing DNS market, EdgeCast sees an opportunity to offer enterprise-grade DNS features and functionality with a simple and cost-effective pricing structure. Customers switching from competitors are likely to realize significant savings while benefiting from vastly superior performance and functionality.

“During our testing of EdgeCast Route, we found the performance to be in a league of its own,” said Ivan Lopez, CEO of Wauwaa. “Until we learned about EdgeCast Route, we hadn’t realized what a huge difference enterprise-grade DNS could make. Graduating from a mom-and-pop DNS service to a solution such as EdgeCast Route will have a huge impact.”

“In third-party testing, EdgeCast Route was the fastest overall performer among all the major DNS providers – in many cases by a substantial margin,” said Ted Middleton, VP of product management at EdgeCast Networks.  “Coupling that performance with sophisticated features like near instant health-checks, automatic failover, load balancing and advanced policy (geography or network-based) routing, EdgeCast Route is clearly differentiated against any other managed DNS service.  This combination of performance and features – offered at prices that are among the most aggressive in the industry – brings a very powerful new alternative to the market.”

EdgeCast Route is based on DNS technology that – for more than two years – has been directing traffic to the tens of thousands of EdgeCast servers around the world that deliver more than 5% of all web traffic.

Route leverages EdgeCast’s massive global IP Anycast network, with points of presence in most major metros across five continents. The service has been tested extensively with customer applications using backbone, real-user (RUM), and mobile measurement agents from several third-party performance measurement services – a methodology that helps prevent manipulation by service providers to improve testing results.  These tests showed that EdgeCast Route provides performance improvements from 15% to more than 300% depending on competitor and region.

The new service also incorporates extensive security capabilities, with resilience against DDoS attacks, known exploits in traditional DNS software, and a variety of other exposures.  With DNS playing such a critical infrastructure role and being a very common attack target, the solution provides enhanced assurance that sites will survive even the most substantial attacks.

Fully RFC-compliant, EdgeCast Route can function as either a managed (primary) or secondary DNS, with easy-to-use zone management features available via the EdgeCast portal or a set of public APIs.

The new service is available immediately, with more information available at:


About EdgeCast Networks

EdgeCast is the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network. The EdgeCast network serves billions of objects per hour on behalf of its customers and carries a substantial portion of the world’s Internet traffic. To learn more, visit

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