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Press Release -- September 23rd, 2013
Source: Verizon

Verizon Launches “Intelligent Energy Briefs” Series

Facing a challenging environment of complex business drivers across technical, social and economic dimensions, the modernization cycle of the energy and utilities industry continues to develop promising operational efficiency while introducing new business opportunities.

As part of our role as a communications change agent and in keeping with our ongoing collaboration with energy and utility companies, Verizon is launching a new blog series titled “Intelligent Energy Briefs.”  The series brings together the insights and expertise of Verizon experts to examine key challenges and opportunities which are impacting energy and utility companies globally.

“In our conversations with key decision makers at energy and utility companies around the world, we are hearing firsthand the way in which unprecedented regulatory, risk management, environmental and customer pressures are driving the industry to examine its business models more frequently and make decisions with a higher degree of uncertainty,” said Marty Uczen, director of corporate strategy at Verizon. “We look forward to tackling a wide-range of related topics head on which will be a resource for oil, gas, power and water industry participants and their partners as they address the challenges of working through the current modernization cycle.”

As the energy and utility industry navigates through this modernization cycle, many companies have established additional communications requirements such as:

  • Advanced communications to expand the reach of their operational capabilities
  • Deployment of automation technologies to optimize distribution assets
  • Security measures to protect data and operational networks from malicious traffic
  • Data management and ongoing network optimization through advanced analytics

“The transformation which we have experienced [at Verizon] over the last several years in terms of the investments we have made in infrastructure, data and security capabilities, gives us a distinct perspective to understand and appreciate the complex communications challenges that energy and utility companies are facing both today and well into future,” said Mike Brander, vice president of sales for the energy and utilities practice at Verizon Enterprise Solutions. This experience coupled with our assets and capabilities puts us in a strong position to apply those lessons learned in a way that is meaningful to the industry. Further, Verizon can help energy and utility companies with business cases to support effective capital allocation decisions directed towards communication investments which deliver long-term value to the industry.”

For more information on Verizon’s solutions for energy and utility companies click here.

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