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Press Release -- September 11th, 2013
Source: cedexis

Cedexis Radar upgrade simplifies Cloud Performance comparisons and SLA compliance monitoring

Upgraded reporting and data granularity enable unprecedented website and mobile app performance analysis, inclusive of cloud and CDN performance impact on end-user experience.

Portland, Oregon and Paris, France – Sept 10, 2013 — “Cedexis, the leading  provider of cloud and mobile app performance benchmarking and optimization across clouds, data centers and content delivery networks (CDNs), today announced significant upgrades to its groundbreaking Radarservice. Radar upgrades, announced today, provide significant new data sets and Portal Reports to further enable IT professionals with the independent data they need to, initially and continuously, evaluate and select the clouds, cloud regions and CDN platforms that will best serve their end-user audiences.

The Cedexis Radar community is a crowd-source collaboration, composed of 80+ clouds and CDNs and 100s of leading enterprises, with the primary focus of providing objective visibility into the end-user performance provided by their Clouds, CDNs and private data centers.  The Radar community distinguishes itself through the real-time collection of real-end-user website and mobile application performance measurements, not virtual or synthetic agents, from over 230 countries and 100s of millions of real end users, every day.

“At Michelin it is our requirement to provide a consistent, high quality, web experience, defined as end user observed page load times, for all of our users throughout the globe.  We have adopted a best practice of utilizing multiple cloud/CDN platforms to achieve this goal and Cedexis Radar provides us the objective performance data needed for our real time, data driven, traffic management between platforms to optimize performance and avoid outages and congestion,” said Laurent Souloumiac, Head of Digital Operations at Michelin.

Celebrating three years of operation, and emerging as a global best practice for Cloud/CDN benchmarking, the latest Cedexis Radar upgrade includes new interactivity, increased data granularity, and automated alerting; all meant to provide IT professionals with more visibility into how they serve, and insight into how they can improve, their end-users’ experiences.

New Featured Capabilities:

End-User-Performance Intelligence

  • See timeline trending of both the volumes, and geographic distribution, of website and mobile app audiences
  • View the page load times (PLT) being delivered to end users by geography, traffic type, browser type, device OS, serving ISP….
  • Observe the time-based trending of page load times (PLT) across the globe, or within specific countries, for correlation to announcements and campaigns

Cloud and CDN Platform Comparisons

  • Assess the real-end-user experience impact of website and mobile app modifications through detailed page-load-time analysis of the latest Navigation Timing metrics
  • Visually compare the performance of existing cloud and CDN platform providers with platforms under consideration, across a range of performance metrics
  • Assess, in real time, the end-user experience impact of cloud and CDN configuration changes
  • Leverage increased granularity of real-end-user measurements (RUM) for comparing and assessing cloud and CDN performance using 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, median and standard deviation

Cloud and CDN SLA Compliance

  • Comparative measurement of availability, latency, and throughput performance between an enterprise’s origin server(s) and their cloud/CDN delivered content, as seen by real end users
  • In-depth granularity of comparative measurements: globally, by region, by country and by end-user-serving ISP network
  • Detailed segmentation of page-load-time data by Navigation Timing standard intervals, to allow isolation of cloud/CDN factors
  • Automated performance alerts, on a wide range of performance metrics, to keep IT professionals informed about their cloud and CDN partners’ performance relative to SLAs
  • All monitoring and alerts provided with the added context of peer-provider performance, to help identify provider-specific issues

“As cloud and CDN adoption continues to accelerate, enterprise IT professionals need objective third-party data to make increasingly strategic cloud/CDN vendor and cloud region purchasing decisions.  This latest upgrade of the Radar service provides IT decision makers with a much more detailed view of their existing and potential providers, and puts this information a tap or click away for quick decision support,” said Robert Malnati, VP Marketing of Cedexis.

For Cedexis customers, Radar data is coupled with Cedexis Openmix, to become actionable – performing automated, real-time load balancing, to ensure end users experience optimal website performance, wherever in the world they might be.

The upgraded Radar portal and alerts features are available immediately to Cedexis customers and remain free to participating community members, to help build a faster Internet for everyone in the world.  Advanced Radar functionality is also available to Cedexis customers for a fee.

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