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Press Release -- June 11th, 2013
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TelePacific’s Network Monitor Tames the Devil in the Details

Los Angeles, Calif. – U.S. TelePacific Corp., which does business as TelePacific Communications (TelePacific) is giving users of its 1Net Internet-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) a new tool that provides at-a-glance understanding of their network’s performance. Network Monitor’s web-based dashboard gives executives and systems engineers alike an instantly understandable picture of both enterprise-wide and individual interface performance. Top 10 lists break out key performance metrics that spotlight the hotspots where network overutilization could build into potential problems. Clear visual icons and real-time reporting immediately illuminate the big picture of network performance and then pinpoint exactly where to use Network Monitor’s powerful reporting capabilities to drill down to specific trouble spots.

The devil, of course, is always in those details and Network Monitor gives TelePacific’s customers the tools they need to understand them. Network Monitor’s Web Portal access to performance reporting highlights trends and problem spots, with user-customizable reports available that enable customers to see trend reporting and historical tracking over the time frames most relevant to them.

“Gaining insight into exactly what’s driving network performance is a vital concern of our customers,” says Rob Madore, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations & Facilities for TelePacific. “We keep the network running smoothly, but they want to understand the factors that will shape their future needs. With Network Monitor, they can see in real time where network nodes – or even individual interfaces – are beginning to show stress and then act accordingly. This lets them plan strategically instead of having to react to problems after the fact.”

Network Monitor’s home screen provides instant, accessible information about key indicators of network performance. Users can see clear lists of:

    • Current Node Issues
    • All Nodes
    • Last Events log
    • Top 10 Nodes by Current Response Time
    • Top 10 Nodes by Average Response Time
    • Top 10 Nodes by Percent Packet Loss
    • Top 10 Interfaces by Percent Utilization
    • Top 10 Interfaces by Traffic
    • Top 10 Errors and Discards This Hour Top 10 Errors and Discards Today

If they want to zero in on individual interface performance, it’s only a click away:

    • Percent Utilization (Receive and Transmit)
    • Interface Charts
    • Interface Errors & Discards Table
    • Maximum Traffic Today
    • Event Summary for this Interface
    • Min/Max/Average Bandwidth
    • Percent Utilization
    • Errors & Discards
    • Total Bytes Transferred
    • Min/Max/Average Packets

Network Monitor is available for 1Net MPLS and 1Net MPLS with SmartVoice customers using TelePacific customer premises equipment.

About TelePacific Communications

TelePacific Communications ( provides comprehensive solutions to the voice and data communications needs of small and medium business customers. Headquartered in Los Angeles, it primarily serves businesses headquartered in California, Nevada and Texas, offering global reach that can expand as their companies do. TelePacific helps commercial and not-for profit enterprises Connect with customers, suppliers, locations and markets, leverage the Cloud and ensure business Continuity. For more information, see

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