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Press Release -- May 15th, 2013
Source: Verizon

VIDEO: Verizon’s Innovation Center and Limitless Potential

Ideas that can change the world come from unpredictable places. Whether it’s an entrepreneur with few resources out of a college dorm room or a company with thousands of employees across the globe, there is no monopoly on the source of creative ideas applicable to technology. And sometimes, ideas can’t get off the ground even if the technology exists to power those ground-breaking concepts.

Verizon recognizes that the speed of innovation and depth of potential ideas in the world are challenging hurdles, especially when the company’s technology can have so many different applications. There are so many important needs, and in many cases the technology and the idea exist to solve some of these needs, but without bringing them both together nothing will change.

Verizon’s Innovation Program helps make that connection by bringing ideas and technology together. The program now has more than 200 participants and, to date, more than 30 products on the market. From telepresence robots to technology that enables firefighters to see through walls – the potential applications are nearly limitless.

Nearing the two-year anniversary of the official opening of the Verizon Innovation Center in July 2011, this working lab outside of Boston has hosted hundreds of customers, prospective collaborators, and companies both large and small, who have seen the kinds of solutions that are possible.

Now, take a virtual tour and see the amazing things taking place in Innovation Center:

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