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Press Release -- April 1st, 2013
Source: CyrusOne

Global Data Center Services Provider CyrusOne Launches Nation’s First Statewide Internet Exchange in Texas

Delivering high-performance big data transfer and accessibility

Dallas, TX (April 1, 2013) –Global data center services provider CyrusOne (:CONE, news) is pleased to introduce the CyrusOne Texas Internet Exchange (IX), an on-net platform deployed across CyrusOne facilities in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

The CyrusOne Texas IX delivers deep statewide interconnection between all metro-enabled sites within the CyrusOne facility footprint and beyond. The CyrusOne Texas IX enables customers to connect to their own enterprise-owned facilities and to third-party facilities to seamlessly engage the full ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks, carriers, Internet service providers, and Ethernet buyers and sellers. The platform provides customers freedom of choice about how to build out capacity when transporting large amounts of data—by choosing CyrusOne’s bandwidth marketplace, its Internet Exchange platform, or a cross-connect to cloud services.

“Using the CyrusOne Texas IX platform frees customers from the constraint of having to choose solely between telecom carriers housed within a specific physical facility,” said Josh Snowhorn, vice president and general manager of Interconnection for CyrusOne. “Now, customers can identify and configure connections with any provider or partner at any connected facility. Customers who choose to deploy on the CyrusOne Texas IX gain significant advantages in performance, efficiency, and workflow continuity. No matter what kind of scalability the customer chooses, this solution is built to deliver superior capabilities and return on investment when connections are required within a metro area or city-to-city.”

The CyrusOne Texas IX enables customers to establish robust, low-latency, multi-point connections between a broad range of facilities or centers. It is also the easiest and fastest way for customers to gain all the benefits associated with lower wholesale transit purchase costs and peering. The CyrusOne Texas IX offers reduced service costs, with free Internet Exchange ports at all on-net CyrusOne facilities and third-party carrier hotels.

The exchange has been built with best-in-class reliability via Redundant Brocade MLXe Series switches, which enable high-density, 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE), and 100-Gigabit Ethernet (100GigE) connections, enabling huge traffic exchanges at line-rate speeds. Top-tier data-transfer speed and performance are carried through Infinera DTN digital optical platforms that have rapidly scalable point-to-point transport at up to 2.5-terabit speeds.

“The combination of Brocade and Infinera offers a platform that elevates CyrusOne far above legacy Internet Exchange providers, creating the ultimate marketplace ecosystem,” said Snowhorn.

The CyrusOne Texas IX enables content and ISP peering to bring the heart of the Internet closer to CyrusOne data centers. Enterprises benefit from core access to the most powerful networks in the world, opening the door to facility-to-facility interconnection at costs and performance metrics that were previously not available to them.

This platform enables hot-hot production or disaster recovery operations to occur across multiple CyrusOne facilities within Texas. The unique platform creates a true paradigm shift in the way CyrusOne has solved big data challenges faced by its enterprise customers. CyrusOne architected a solution that solves both data center and connectivity needs. The CyrusOne Texas IX offers virtually unlimited connectivity options through access to all relevant carrier hotels. In addition, it offers the use of multiple dedicated or “pay-as-you-eat” Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) ports or dedicated optical waves for interconnection failover between metro areas with online carrier selection via CyrusOne automation tools.

Through the CyrusOne Texas IX, clients can expect nearly infinite scalability with almost unlimited free ports.  It also facilitates settlement-free peering, settlement-based peering, and buy/sell traffic exchanges with partners and providers. Space and power constraints are not a limiting factor due to CyrusOne’s Massively Modular® facility architecture which enables significant scaling.

CyrusOne specializes in highly reliable enterprise data center colocation, engineering facilities with the highest power redundancy (2N architecture), and power-density infrastructure required to deliver excellent availability. The company has designed 24 carrier-neutral data center facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia that give customers the flexibility and scale to perfectly match their specific growth needs. CyrusOne is renowned for its exceptional and personalized customer service that is designed to build enduring customer relationships and high customer satisfaction levels. Customers include nine of the Fortune 20 companies and more than 100 of the Fortune 1000.

For more information, call 1-866-CYRUSONE (1-866-297-7663) or visit Connect with us on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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