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Press Release -- February 19th, 2013
Source: Cyan

Cyan Sets 100G Density Benchmark

Great Plains Communications Among First to Deploy Industry’s First Single Slot 100G Coherent Transponder Supporting Short, Medium, Long, and Extended Reach Optics
PETALUMA, CALIF . , FEBRUARY 20 , 2013 – Cyan today announced the availability of a single slot 100G coherent transponder for the Z Series family of packet optical transport platforms (POTPs). The new DTM 100G sets an industry benchmark for density and flexibility by delivering 100G in a single slot module supporting the full range of optical reach capabilities . In addition to dramatically reducing the cost of delivering 100G transport services , and increasing density for core applications, the DTM 100G gives service providers unprecedented flexibility in their deployments. This flexibility is the result of integrated support for short, medium, long, and extended reach C form factor pluggable (CFP) client interfaces . Unlike prevailing solutions, this means service providers and data center operators are assured that a single slot will satisfy all optical reach requirements.  Early deployments of the DTM 100G include Great Plains Communications in the US, among others.
When coupled with Blue Planet , Cyan’s software defined network (SDN) system developed for service providers and other network operators, the DTM 100G is one of the first SDN based 100G solutions. This will eventually allow virtual machines spun up in large data centers to dynamically create 100G data center interconnect (DCI) circuits for large scale backup and disaster recovery.
Key applications for the DTM 100G include:
  1. Interconnecting equipment, such as switch routers, configured with 100 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
  2. Carrying native 100G client signals as a transport service.
  3. Overcoming fiber exhaust issues with a ten fold increase in DWDM network
“The ability to deliver coherent 100G transport services in such a compact form factor is unprecedented,” said Michael Hatfield, Cyan president. “It is in keeping with the philosophy that has characterized Cyan from the beginning harnessing the latest technical innovations to help our customers scale their networks while driving down costs . Reducing slot consumption , improving optical reach flexibility, and eliminating the need for external modules yields a 100G solution that can be deployed in scale. ”
John Greene, chief network engineer at Great Plains Communications, added, “The flexibility and form factor of the DTM 100G are perfect for our network. As we build out our network,  know how far our customers will be from our points of presence and the optical reach flexibility inherent in the DTM 100G means that we don’t have to.”
Key Features and Benefits
  •  Ability to s upport 100 Gigabit Ethernet and G.709 OTU4 regeneration.
  •  Higher network capacity due to greater spectral efficiency of 100G vs . 40G or 10G .
  • Support for client SR10 (100 meter) , LR10 (2 kilometer), LR4 (10 kilometer) , and ER4 (40 kilometer) interfaces with flexible, pluggable CFP optics .
  • Integrated dispersion compensation to mitigate the need for fiber based compensation .
  • Compatible with the Cyan Z22, Z33 and Z77 platforms for investment protection.
  • Leverages hitless upgrade ca pabilities of the Z series platforms .
  • Complements Z Series LAD and WSS modules
  • Ability to mix 10G and 100G channels .
  • 1+1 optical protection using Cyan’s Optical Protection Switch module.
  • C band tunable DWDM interface .
    The DTM 100G is fully compatible with existing Z Series DWDM components including LAD modules and WSS ROADM modules. This provides investment protection and facilitates the mixing of 10G and 100G waves over the same fiber. The DTM 100G also provides integrated DSP based chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensation thereby eliminating the need for external dispersion compensation modules , further reducing network cost and complexity .
    About Cyan
    Cyan is a global supplier of software defined networks (SDNs) for service providers, data center operators, and private networks. Cyan solutions include Blue Planet SDN software, ZSeries multilayer packet optical transport platforms, and Cyan PRO comprehensive professional services. With hundreds of deployments around the globe , including some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world, Cyan allows its customers to scale their networks, reduce costs, simplify operations, and accelerate service delivery . For more information, please visit or follow Cyan on Twitter at .

    For Cyan inquiries, please contact:
    Eric Clelland: +1 707.338.5836 | | Twitter: @CyanNews

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