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Press Release -- October 11th, 2012
Source: OnRamp Access

OnRamp’s ReadyServer Solutions Provide Additional Support for Colocation Customers

AUSTIN, TX  - OnRamp Access, a Data Center operations company headquartered in Austin, Texas, improves the reliability of its Colocation customers’ operations with ReadyServers –  on-demand solutions that reduce the difficulty of employing replacement infrastructure in an  emergency. Bridging the gap  between traditional Colocation and the Cloud, ReadyServers provide OnRamp Colocation customers with a pre-provisioned,  virtualized environment that can be quickly and directly incorporated into a  customer’s infrastructure in the event of a hardware node failure within a  customer’s environment or to address an immediate need to scale online operations.  For clients colocating their own equipment in OnRamp’s state-of-the-art Data Center, the ability to quickly  recover from equipment failure or scale operations to meet unexpected needs is  crucial to maintaining high levels of availability for their data.

“OnRamp  offers a suite of ReadyServer solutions to ensure Colocation customers have on-demand access to OnRamp’s pre-provisioned pool of hardware that has been pre-loaded with hypervisors and  is standing by, ready to incorporate into a Colocation customer’s equipment at  a moment’s notice,” stated OnRamp’s Founder Chad Kissinger. “OnRamp’s  ReadyServer solutions solve the challenge of needing to quickly obtain and  provision a new or spare server on-demand without the time or resources to act  in an emergency situation and is one of the many reasons we believe Colocation customers are more likely to be successful working with OnRamp.

“OnRamp Colocation customers can take advantage of a full suite of ReadyServer solutions,  including: ReadyNodes, ReadyConnect and ReadySAN. ReadyNodes, are a pool of  virtualized computer servers that are installed, powered on and standing by to  be incorporated into a customer’s Colocation space through the addition of a  dedicated connection, or ReadyConnect. ReadyConnect is a pre-provisioned  connection between the pool of ReadyNodes and a specific customer’s Colocation  space. This enables customers to integrate a new ReadyNode into the infrastructure  in very little time, and without having to form a new connection. And, to  support a company’s business continuity or disaster recovery plan, OnRamp’s ReadySAN  solution provides a timely alternative to the tedious process of restoring from  tape by allowing a customer to take a snapshot of their existing servers and  store them on OnRamp Managed Storage, making them available to the ReadyServer  pool on short notice.

Each of the ReadyServer solutions was specifically designed  to support OnRamp’s Colocation customers by both limiting downtime in the event  of a client’s own equipment failure and by removing the barriers to rapid  growth.

In addition to the  capabilities afforded by OnRamp’s ReadyServer solutions, Colocation customers  benefit from the Data Center company’s value-added Managed Hosting, Managed Services and Full7Layer Support from onsite engineers, which are available 24/7/365.

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