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Press Release -- July 2nd, 2012
Source: Huawei

OTT Challenges Can be Addressed Through New Solutions that Enable Operators to Open up Network and Service

Huawei Shares View and Introduces Solutions for Combating OTT Dilemma at the 2012 Mobile Asia Expo

[Shanghai, China, July 2, 2012]: “OTT (Over The Top) challenges are unavoidable,” said Mr. Xu Weizhong, President for Packet Core of Wireless Network Business Unit, Huawei , at the 2012 Mobile Asia Expo. “Every player in the MBB industry—telecom operators, internet operators, IT vendors and device vendors—has key assets and capabilities when it comes to striving for profits. Operators make good use of their unique assets, like the smart pipe, subscriptions and operations, and yet are still open to cooperating with other players in the name of profit sharing and building new business models.”

Huawei sees there are technical ways to help operators win. Huawei’s innovative solutions based on a SingleEPC network can help operators build user experience-centric MBB networks to meet user needs for speed, quality, simplicity, freedom and sharing. From KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to KQI (Key Quality Indicator) and then CEI (Customer Experience Indicator), Huawei can help operators to track users’ real experience and fast meet customers’ expectations for service experience by ensured E2E QoS. At the same time, operators can realize a win-win MBB ecosystem by opening up network abilities.

Operators have natural advantages to manage user experience and realize tiered QoS. In practice, operators can open up some of their network and service abilities to bring more business opportunities. For individual users, operators can open some network information via user-friendly interfaces to increase user experience and encourage them to pay more for better experience. Even for OTT mobile applications, operators can cooperate with specific service providers by supporting ensured service quality to retain subscribers and gain more profit share.

During the speech, Mr. Xu introduced the following Huawei solutions:

  • SmartView, used to realize visible user experience
  • E2E QoS solution, used to ensure quality of user experience
  • Networker, used to open up some network abilities and monetize user experience

Huawei has extensive experience helping over 240 operators in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and other regions around the world, build their packet core network in support of better MBB business development.

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