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Press Release -- July 12th, 2012
Source: OnRamp Access

News The latest news from OnRamp. OnRamp’s Private Cloud Solutions Counter Concerns for Businesses Storing Data in the Cloud

AUSTIN, TX – OnRamp Access responds to  recent power outages plaguing several well-known businesses with Private Cloud  solutions backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. On June 30th, 2012, Amazon’s Elastic Compute  Cloud (EC2) data center in Northern Virginia encountered a systems failure  following a severe thunderstorm which wiped out its power and rendered its  computer servers inoperable for an extended period of time. Those affected were  internet giants such as Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest who experienced the  outage during peak user periods. This disruption, however, was not the first  for EC2. Just two weeks prior, the data center encountered an outage that left servers  unresponsive for over six and a half hours.

Amazon’s  recent issues bring to light many of the major concerns for storing critical data in a shared, Public Cloud environment. Of top priority for most businesses  is the need to maintain systems with full functionality, 24/7/365. OnRamp’s state-of-the-art  Data Center facility is designed with this explicit need in mind. Operating at  an n+1 level of redundancy, meaning it boasts a minimum of one reserve for each  critical component of its data center’s infrastructure redundancy, OnRamp is  able to service equipment or troubleshoot issues without causing disruptions to  its systems. The company applies redundancy to its power infrastructure as  well, enabling it to withstand electrical shortages and power fluctuations. Electricity  is delivered to OnRamp’s facility via two independent entry points on an  enhanced closed loop feed from Austin Energy’s own mission critical substation. With two points of entry, if one route were to be compromised, power can be  re-routed to ensure OnRamp’s systems and Data Center customers remain up and  running.

Aside  from the threat natural disasters cause, other concerns exist for users of  Shared Cloud environments. “Businesses who decide to store their critical data  ‘in the cloud’ assume the inherent risks associated with allowing information  to physically reside on servers and supporting infrastructure that is shared  with others,” as noted by OnRamp’s Founder, Chad Kissinger. Hyperjacking, the  most common threat, refers to the ability of a hacker to use access gained in  one virtual environment to attack another virtual environment located on the  same physical hardware. This is achieved by defeating the security of the  hypervisor that manages the two virtual environments. With OnRamp’s fully  customizable Private Cloud solutions, customers can avoid these concerns  altogether.

Safer  and more secure than Public Clouds, OnRamp’s Private Cloud solutions provide  the economic benefits of virtualization, the internal control over the  customer’s own dedicated equipment and the private environment with which to  run it. Using the company’s 18 years of experience in building and deploying  Internet applications for hundreds of companies, OnRamp creates a customized  private cloud solution for each project, using dedicated hardware and software  with which the client retains physical control. As a Citrix, VMware and HyperV solution provider, OnRamp can create a  customized private cloud solution best suited for its client’s needs.

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