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Press Release -- July 2nd, 2012
Source: Colt Group

Colt is first to launch fully flexible storage

We put great store by staying close to our customers at Colt, and listening to exactly what they want when it comes to shaping the services we offer. To ensure that your systems and services are up to the challenge of today’s demanding markets, you’re telling us you want top-quality, flexible and secure enterprise-grade services.  You want to work faster and smarter, using extra computing power and storage capacity for your data and you want applications only when you need them to support your business activities.
Services as you want them
Our response: the launch of a new pilot service based on EMC VMAX SP (EMC’s VMax storage system specially re-designed for Service Providers, (which is what the ‘SP’ means). This system leverages the proven capabilities of VMAX, the world’s most trusted, powerful and smart storage. We are the first service provider, worldwide, to bring this innovative capability to market, offering our customers the benefits of the ‘pay as you go’ commercial model for the consumption of storage services.
Our flexible, powerful storage services provide tiered service levels. Defining speed and business continuity policy, these service levels can be turned on and off or moved between tiers, to manage your costs indirect proportion to any fluctuations in your business needs. You can provision, and decommission, in as little as four hours; allowing Colt to truly respond to the peaks and troughs in your workflow. It’s simple-to-consume and simple-to-manage, accelerating the delivery of cloud-based services and giving you greater control and management of your data.
A strong partnership
The strength of our partnership with EMC connects us with their thinking and development roadmap so we can influence their decisions and use the early insight to bring EMC-based solutions to market faster.  The new platform gives you great transparency – with integrated metering and chargeback facilities. This transparency also gives us even greater insight into how you – our customers – are using the service and, as a result, we can ensure you always get the performance and capacity you want.
As Europe’s leading information delivery platform we are delivering solutions that help customers increase flexibility, take control and reduce their capital costs. With EMC VMAX onboard, we’re able to offer completely flexible enterprise-level storage services.
Find out more at ‘Watch the video discussing a new level of innovation and agility for Colt’s customers:

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